Kids Health: Eating Out in Hancock County!

It's not easy Eating Healthy AND Eating Out.

This mama has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep our kiddos happy and healthy! It's not easy as a mom to cook every night. Some days we don't want to even think about dinner. It's easy to order out or go somewhere to eat. We don't always make good decisions with a menu in front of us.

Don't be afraid to ask:

  • Substitute veggies for frys
  • For baked instead of fried
  • Extra fruit and veggies
  • Look on the Al'Carte Menu for healthy options.

Look for foods that are:

  • Steamed in their own juice (au jus)
  • Broiled
  • Baked
  • Roasted
  • Poached
  • Lightly sauteed
The Fortville Mama's love to support local. Here are some kid's Menus at restaurants in Hancock County that are not big chains.

Taxman Brewing Company
Fortville, IN

Lincoln Square
Fortville, IN

The Mug
Greenfield , IN

B & C's Hideout Restaurant
New Palestine, IN

What is your favorite place to go with the kids? 

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