McCordsville Meijer Grand Opening

It’s really happening!  Meijer in McCordsville is opening this week. The store absolutely sparkles. Like the gem it is for all of us who live nearby.

The first thing you see when you walk in the grocery side is a huge produce department that has every color under the rainbow.  It is sandwiched between the deli and bakery. And OMG, what a sight! All of the products are displayed and arranged to make it easy for customer shopping. And are so enticing!

In the opposite corner of the store is their large Pet area.  It is one of the nicest pet stores within a store that I’ve seen.  Meijer did it right, by dividing it up for the cats, dogs, fish, birds and all the other pets.  It really is easy to find what you need for your special fur baby, and they have a ton of outdoor bird feeding supplies.

There is plenty to shop for in the clothing departments too.  Of course, I took pictures for the women, but they have a wide variety for the whole family.

I had to go to my favorite department, the garden department. The plants looked so healthy and well cared for. Lots of pretties for every type of garden.  And all the supplies you will need from seeding your lawn to making fairy gardens.

I have to say, we all waited for a long time for Meijer to come to Hancock County, and it was worth the wait.  The new updated look is beautiful, the store is well laid out and the employees are friendly and very willing to help you find what you need.

Go this week for some extra special bargains! There are plenty to be had!

-Guest Fortville Mama, Nancy Strickland


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