Wandering Wednesday | New Palestine's Frosty Boy Drive-in

Have you heard of a soda "jerk"?
My grandma would tell us of a local ice cream shop where she was a Soda Jerk. For the longest time I thought she was joking. Who would call someone a jerk?

A soda jerk made plenty of great childhood memories. A long trek on a bike was worth the ice cream that you had to lick fast on a hot summer day. Maybe it was laughing with friends because there is ice cream on your nose. 

Last week my kids did have great belly laughs with cold ice cream. The grandparents love to spoil the kids and sometimes parents too at Frosty Boy. It often brings back memories of having ice cream with my grandparents.

The pineapple whip just might have you dreaming of the beach.

You could just end up with ice cream on your nose.

Hey an Ice Cream Fu Manchu will do too. Cold treats are not the only thing the kids love at Frosty Boy. After playing at Brookville Road Church FREE indoor play place we have to stop for corn dogs. I have to get the Tenderloin. It's always cooked just right, crunchy with the perfect amount of lettuce and tomato. Oh and I have found that I love pickles on top too. Something my fellow Fortville Mama just figured out too at the recent 2016 Tenderloin Throwdown event in Greensburg! Finish it all off with a ice cold cherry Dr. Pepper, oh yeah! This makes the whole family happy after a morning of play.

So if you are in the South side of Hancock County make sure to stop at Frosty Boy. It's worth the wait and just might make a few memories. This week's whip flavor is strawberry. Yum!

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