Wandering Wednesday | Love in Beech Grove at Napoli Villa

A Couple Indiana Love Stories, Plus Authentic Italian

Where did you and your significant other fall in love?

Our love story unexpectedly began at Napoli Villa Italian Restaurant. My now husband knows how to impress a lady, right? His mama made sure he was a gentlemen and does things such as open car doors on a dates. After our original plans of going to the Cheesecake Factory failed (an hour and 30 minute wait), he knew where to go. The funny thing is that my now sister-in-law ended up joining us that evening too. She's been a server there for over 12 years. I ended up talking to her more then him. The next day when she went out with their parents, she told them to start saving for a wedding! She knew I was going to be family.

8 years later, 3 kids, a house, cars, dog, cat, 20 chickens and 10 ducks. We are still madly in love with one another.

Guerino Cento started Napoli Villa in 1962
I'm pretty sure love is what started the quaint restaurant where we fell in love. Guerino and Carmela Cento had a passion for Italian food that made people come back again and again. And the labor of love and passion for Napoli Villa has been carried by their daughter Antoinette Pizzi (who my kids call Mama Pizzi) she became the sole owner in 1968. The same recipes and passion is utilized today. The meatballs are made fresh daily  by hand and cooked to perfection by order. These days, Antoinette's son (Gino) and daughter (Carmelina) play a big role in operations of the restaurant. 

Who can resist a night out with your sweetie or sweeties and amazing authentic Italian?

Our babies love to eat here too. I'll never forget Mama Pizzi coming out of the kitchen with my oldest in her arms. She was in her glory with olives on the tips of her fingers.

With all the love that goes into the food and atmosphere, it makes me wonder what other love stories are within its walls. If you have not wandered down to Beech Grove's Napoli Villa you are missing out on a night to remember. Wander on over soon and give it a whirl!

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