Hancock County Treasures | Like Peas and Carrots, Baggott and Tambasco

We've not had a post in this series in a bit. It really takes something or someone very special to qualify for a Fortville Mama Hancock County Treasures post. We are happy to say this topic hits it on all notes. 

A week or so ago Ashley and I got to tour the new Griggsby's Station in Greenfield. We loved our sit down with Mike and Abi Tambasco! Together with Hancock County's Chris and Amy Baggott, they are partners in The Mug in Greenfield, and are collaborating on Griggsby's Station and a few new ventures soon to be popping up in Irvington! All four are Greenfield natives and love Hancock County as much as the mamas do! It truly shows in all they do. In our minds, they pretty much all go together like peas and carrots. It's a family venture at it's best! Yes, peeps they're related. 

We've been huge fans of Greenfield's The Mug since it opened. Farm to curb goodness for the whole family. From the delish pork fries that Coach Man can't get enough of, to the amazing tenderloin, ultimate BLT and the porkalicious Cuban sandwich. We've never had anything that wasn't wonderful at The Mug. Plus the kiddos love all the games they have for us to enjoy while we dine.

And with the same team at the helm for Griggsby's Station how could it not be awesome as well?! So here's the 411 on all the coolness that will be Griggsby's Station.

Our favorite tidbits about Greenfield's Griggsby's Station:
  • The name is a nod to a beloved and famous Hancock County resident - James Whitcomb Riley. It's the title of a poem he penned in 1904. The poem is actually printed on one of the walls inside Griggsby's Station.
  • The building that houses the new gastro pub has a great history itself. Built in the 1800s, it first housed a tombstone mason, then  a grocery, a tire store and an antique store. Lot's of local history within the brick walls. 
  • Tons of local flair. They will even highlight an original sour mix recipe from Greenfield's own Father Aaron from St. Michael's church! Can't wait to try that!
  • Lots of artisan features throughout too including the handmade artisan bar top and tables, local fresh from local farms on the menu, local beer and a local chocolate treat made special for Griggsby's Station!
  • Upstairs and outdoor dining eventually too! 
  • They make their own buns, pickles and sauces, including the mayo! Dedication peeps!
  • It won't be just plain bar food. It's going to be amazing fresh made artisan menu items, that seasonally change! 
  • Abi and Mike are amazing! I love that so much of their love and elbow grease is in Griggsby's Station. You can definitely tell it's their newest baby! Make's us think of our own Fox Gardin and Jake and Toby!
Okay let's get to the food that will be on the menu to start:

  • A grilled peach and mixed greens salad with a warm champagne vinaigrette and fresh goat cheese. Oh my! 
  • House sliders with homemade buns with Gruyere cheese baked in and homemade pickles! 
  • Amazing farm fresh Asian chicken wings
  • Sirloin with a artisan chimichurri steak sauce, over charred watermelon
  • Beer soaked chili cheese fries
  • House rub carnitas, confit in lard, hit with a cast iron skillet to crisp deliciousness
  • Tyner Pond Farm Bologna fried to perfection
Simple bar food, but executed at the highest level. We love it! They are definitely filling a void here in Greenfield. 

Griggsby's Station feels like home to us and the Mamas will definitely be back for a few girls' night out sessions. The front bar table by the window, that's where we'll be. We can't wait! Plus we're so trying the French press coffee in a vintage mug. I'm picking the Campbell's Tomato Soup mug! 

Cheers to Mike and Abi, and the amazing Chris and Amy too! Well done on the newest Greenfield addition! 

Oh and breaking news peeps! A Mug and Griggby's Station are coming to Irvington this fall too! Woot! A perfect fit for the coolness that is Irvington!

- The Fortville Mamas (Jen and Ashley)

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