Artisan Thursday | Meet Fair Farms and Produce

Every Thursday as I wander the Fortville Farmers Market, I always think to myself that Jim and Vicki Fair are some of the nicest farmers around. I love Vicki's easy smile and Jim's always overalls. I'm so glad Fair Farms and Produce is a part of the Fortville Farmers Market, aren't you? Truly #FarmsMatter peeps.

Market goers can find great local beef and pork (antibiotic free and fed non gmo corn), produce and plants at Fair's booth at the Fortville Farmers Market, and Jim and Vicki are always helpful to those looking to learn about "new to them" veggies and fun recipes. Check out this yummy simple recipe they shared from 2014, ground freezer turkey from a Fair Farm raised turkey, diced tomatoes, frozen corn left over from the garden, a can of black beans, taco seasoning, onions and garlic. Served over farm fresh lettuce and topped with cheese. Yummo! Local fresh doesn't have to be hard, peeps.


Have a hard time waiting for Thursdays to roll around each week? Their farm store is located at 9935 S State Road 9, Pendleton, so you can stop and shop when you need local fresh items, not just on Thursdays. Stock up on freezer beef, find out how to buy a whole or half side of pork or beef too.

Back in early May, do you remember their fresh cut asparagus? Customers noted it was nothing short of amazing, yep nothing beats Fair Farm fresh! It even made it's way over to Fox Gardin Kitchen and Ale to local restaurant goers plates. I love that! Local fresh and food first at it's best! I love when local supports local!

Remember that gorgeous field of sunflowers along SR 9 the last couple of years. Yep, Fair Farms. I love that they do this. It's gorgeous and a gift to all those that pass. Bravo, Fair Farms. Can't wait for this year's batch. I'm bringing the hooligans out for a picture and to chat with two of our favorite Hancock County farmers!

Last but not least...guess what I just saw on their Facebook page today? Indiana berries! I sure hope they have a few for the market today. Better get their early, friends. 

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