Wandering Wednesday | IPL 500 Festival Parade

I was pondering what to share with you this week and with the 100th Running of the Indy 500 all a buzz everywhere around town, and I thought it just had to be the IPL 500 Festival Parade

I have a secret to share with you. I once hated parades. All because of my "fly by the seat of her pants sister" Amy. I almost got arrested at the corner of Pennsylvania and North at the Indy 500 Parade the year Jack was one, and it's all her fault! I spent the parade in tears on one corner and she and my roo boy on the opposite corner. She's what they call a parade jaywalker. Seems the cops frown upon that just as the Indy 500 parade is kicking off. She must be used to Noblesville 4th of July parade where that is fine and dandy. However, the whole experience gave me parade anxiety for years! Oh I wish I had a picture of that debacle for you all. 

Somehow I overcame and for the last few years we've gone and enjoyed it immensely. The Coach Man rocks parking and getting us to our favorite spot. It's like clockwork with him. Baby girl took some convincing on the Indy 500 Parade. She believes all parades should throw loads of candy, and you don't really get that at this parade. Her motto is "show me the candy," peeps!

So here's our best tips for rocking the IPL 500 Festival Parade:

  • Pack a cooler with drinks and snacks. Pack sunscreen and hats. Wear walking shoes.
  • Take a little cash for parking and food truck food you just can't live without - in our world, corndogs!
  • Do a potty break before you leave.
  • Master your parade pic pose - baby girl has it down! 
  • Leave early. Plenty of time makes for happy little parade goers.
  • Avoid Pennsylvania at all costs. Park someone to the west of Meridian. We like off of Capitol Ave. in the AUL lot. Great spot.
  • We love sitting on the circle. Free seats. Plus if you get there early you have the pick of some great vantage points to see it all.
  • Don't be in a rush to leave. You'll just be fighting traffic. Hang downtown for a bit after it's all over. Maybe even enjoy lunch in beautiful city center. 
Baby girls parade poses are legendary! Here she is earlier this year.
Corndogs are a must!
Really, don't forget the hats.

So what's your best IPL 500 Festival Parade tip or family tradition?

For more information on the parade, visit http://www.500festival.com/parade 

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