Fit Friday! People Who Inspire Us to Get Our Fit On | Meet Angie Barnes

How about a little Friday inspiration, fit style?

I believe we need to surround ourselves with people that inspire us and have been in shoes just like our own. I personally am in Angie's 2014 shoes and have been working to get healthier every day. Many people think that only the elite of Hollywood should inspire. However, if you look hard enough there is hardworking inspirational people right here in your own community. Every week we will be highlighting someone new and different because there are no two stories the same.

Without further ado, here is Angie's story:


When I "started" in January 2014, I didn't really know I was 'starting'. I saw a picture of myself from New Year's Eve and realized that person in the photo was not what I saw in the mirror. It realized how unhealthy I had become. So my journey started with wanting to FEEL better. I didn't have a weight loss goal in mind, I just knew that I wanted to FEEL better. 

I was a member of the Y and had gone to some classes here and there but nothing consistent. It wasn't an instructor at the Y, now my coach and dear friend, Julie Voris, told me that if I wanted to see changes I HAD to get consistent. I had to workout more than 2 days a week. So I did. I joined one of her online challenge groups, full of people I didn't know. It didn't take long for me to realize this was the secret sauce: Consistency + Accountability + Support = Success.

I developed a personal mantra: Consistency = Change. If I consistently made better food choices, I would see the change. If I consistently moved more, I would see the change. I also realized, consistency works the opposite way too: if I consistently made poor food choices, I would see change as well.


Getting notes from my challengers thanking me because they FEEL better, they are more confident and just down right happier is what keeps me going! I'm incredibly passionate about sharing this 'secret sauce' with others -- and if I expect them to believe in themselves and trust the process and do more than they ever thought possible, I have to do the same thing. 

I'm a firm believer when we know better we choose better, and when we can we have a responsibility to do!

As a wife and momma of two young kids,  knowing that my kiddos are always watching is a huge motivator for me. I know it is up to me to set the tone for a healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally and spiritually. Showing them that being active, having an awareness of what is in our food and how certain foods make us FEEL is important to me. I want them to be able to make healthy choices on their own, not just because I said so. 

I think a lot of people equate "set backs" to weight gain but don't really pay attention to the scale. I focus more on how I FEEL. There will always be obstacles or challenges -- that's life. Of course there are times when I make better food choices than others -- and quite frankly, I start feeling like crap. So that is my motivator to get back on track. It feels good to feel good and if we listen to our bodies it'll tell us exactly what it likes and doesn't like, we just have to listen.


Oh my goodness, the changes in how I feel are immense. First and foremost I'm more confident and happy. I didn't think I was unhappy before...but now I know that's because I didn't know how good I could feel...and I didn't know how much taking care of me would impact all areas of my life.

I have more energy, I'm less stressed, I have better relationships. When we take care of ourselves we are better able to take care of those around us.

I also feel as if I've found my passion for helping others. There is no greater gift than knowing that you have helped someone else change their life for the better. It's not just about a workout or a meal -- this truly is about our life.


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