Fit Friday: Eat Your Veggies and Save Money with Gardening

Today's Fit Friday requires getting your hands a little dirty for a more cash in your pocket. Maybe a smaller waist line too?

Many think that the only way you'll save at the grocery store is to clip coupons or scour the sale ads. Have you ever looked in your own back yard?

There is savings in that dirt with a little bit of digging. The life lessons and personal satisfaction are free! I want to give you a few examples of how much a garden or just simply adding a few plants to your landscaping will save.


Kroger's usual price on vine ripe tomatoes are $2.29 per pound. 

Tomato plants at the Fortville Farmers Market cost around $2 - $3.50 per plant.
The average tomato plant grows around 22 lbs of tomatoes. 
So what is $3.50 divided by 22?
Yes 15 cents a pound!

Tomatoes are not the only thing you can plant.
Zucchini is a favorite of ours!
Those beautiful plants give out around 17 lbs of veggies.
$3.50 ÷ 17 = 20 cents per pound

Still think the dollar menu at the drive thru is cheaper?

I think not!


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