Fit Friday - Choosing Me and a 5K

Last Saturday was a great day. I ran my first 5K. I never thought I would ever run one. That was a job for other people, people who enjoyed running and were already fit.

However, I was inspired by someone who was in my shoes years ago, at 100 lbs over weight and having never ran before. She too was inspired and loving herself drove her to run.

Over the past year I've spiraled out of control. The soda and the sugar is what kept me going. I would think, I've had a bad day, I deserve this. The soda would keep me caffeinated enough to get me to bed time. After 2 years of not being able to sleep more then 3 hours at a time (thanks to night time breastfeeding), it was all I had. I was and sometimes still am defeated.

The defeat will happen, but victory is so much sweeter. However, victory would not be so sweet without blood, sweat and tears. If it was easy no one would care to do it, and there would be no worth. But I'm worth it and you are too.

My journey to my 5K moment started around 2 months ago when I headed to the gym. My anxiety and stress were through the roof. I needed an outlet to work off the stress and to feel a bit of freedom. You see the gym also offers affordable child care. Sometimes its just worth being able to shower when you need to. Yes, when you are a mother its the simple things in life that can make your day.

Small victories too. The first time I stepped foot on the elliptical I couldn't believe how out of breath I was. How did I let myself get this way?! Am I not worth my own time and effort? I'm not saying that I've turned my entire life around, but I'm making strides in a better direction and guess what - I, Ashley Thomas, just RAN a 5K?! Yep, this girl did that.

As our buddy Toby of Blue Seas Fitness and Wellness would say - Today's the day, and YOU are important. So what's been holding you back? Why not choose today to choose you? Trust me, friends, it feels amazing!


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