Every Girl Should Have The Courage To Shine

This world is a hard place sometimes. It can beat you up and spit you out before you know what happened. Especially for young girls. Think about it. They not only have magazines and TV telling them who and what they should be, but now social media every moment of the day. Selfies everywhere you turn. Always comparing to their BFF or that girl at school they consider perfect, even though she has flaws too (we all do). All of it can be overwhelming and oh so hard on a young girl's self esteem. The teenage age years are awkward and all that added "perfect" pressure. Yikes. I'm glad I didn't have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat in my teenage years. Some days I wish I didn't have them now.

Recently I met Casey Schill Grimpe of Izzybug Photography based right out of quaint Fortville Indiana. Casey gave me hope for young girls everywhere and I've fallen in love with her concept Courage to Shine sessions for girls 11-16 years old. In a tough world, this is the perfect gift to give your young daughter as she comes into her own and crosses over from girl to young lady. I'm so doing it when my baby girl is that age. We got just a taste at 6 and oh my, I am in love with how Casey goes about bringing out the inner beauty of her young clients. She brings out their own individual glow. It's amazing!

Hear from Casey in her own words about what a Courage to Shine session is all about. She says it beautifully.

Like the mamas, Casey fell in love with Fortville by chance. She answered a Craiglist ad seeking a tenant for a historical small town building space. It was love at first sight. She could see herself walking down the street for a coffee, chatting with other business owners, and oh the light in the space! It's the soft beautiful wrap yourself up in it kind of light. Plus tons of character within the space, and Main Street Fortville is a great place for parents to wander while she embarks on Courage to Shine sessions. As a champion for shop local and shop small, part of Casey's business model is to actively support other small businesses in the area. 

Being a lover of Fortville, I was highly curious where Casey's favorite Fortville photo spot was outside her studio. She didn't disappoint - a unique spot indeed. It's a industrial garage door across the way from her studio in the palest yellow. The lighting is gorgeous. 

I also inquired why teens are her niche? She advised it's a group that has always spoken to her. She loves helping them see more in themselves than a "duck face" pose or shy and giggly hands over your face pose. She wants to help them see their real reflection and that they are awesome just as they are - to give them a head start on those growing up years and confidence in knowing it's cool to just be you.

And peeps, she is so extremely good at capturing the true essence of people. Amazingly talented.

Just this past year she started doing BFF sessions as well. She loves to see the amazing friendships and bonds these beautiful girls share. Truly they are the ones who get each other through the day to day life of being a teen. In the photo below, one of the BFFs couldn't make it to the shoot, so they added "we miss you Molly" on their hands. They shared Molly's story, how she had just recently lost her mom to cancer. It brought Casey to tears. She shared with me, "My job is so much more than the images it produces. It's about the stories, the people and remembering how amazing the human condition can be!" True that, Casey! You have one cool gig, and you are phenomenal at it!

Lastly here is Casey's all time favorite photo. Every time she sees it, it inspires her and speaks to her - almost like a silent muse. And it showcases exactly the essence of Courage to Shine sessions - that a beautiful image can be completely about the soul that shines from within and not about the props or background or added stuff. Beauty can happen all on it's own.

And here's one of my all time favorite Casey photos. From last year's #fabFortville Fasion Show, and it showcases some pretty sweet BFFs!


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