Wandering Wednesday - Carmel's The Quirky Feather Confectionery

It's a brand new year, and I'm so glad to get back to one of my favorite series on Fortville Mama - the Wandering Wednesday series! I adore #fabFortville, but it's fun to get out and about once in awhile too.

Photo Credit The Quirky Feather Confectionery
A week or so ago I headed out to meet up with Heidi and Sabrina, sisters and owners of The Quirky Feather Confectionery in Carmel Indiana. Peeps, I loved their new place. Absolutely loved! It's a blogger's dream - they're open noon to midnight (prime blogger hours), they have awesome sweets, delish coffees and they have wifi! Sign this girl up!

Photo Credit The Quirky Feather Confectionery
I had the kiddos in tow the night I visited and to my surprise it seems to be quite the spot for parents with toddlers in footie PJs. They were everywhere! We might have not be PJ clad, but we fit right in. Coffee for mom, treat for little one and off to bed. Sounds like a perfect pre-bedtime ritual.

Baby Girl made a PJ clad friend.
While I chatted with Heidi and Sabrina, Little Man and Baby Girl found lots of fun games, books and coloring supplies on The Quirky Feather's well-stocked shelves. They were in heaven. We tried a couple delish treats too and a glass bottle coke - I know I'm a mom living on the edge with that much sugar late in the evening.

Nutella Bomb and Strawberry Jammy Dodger
The Strawberry Jammy Dodger was pure bliss! I love that everything is made fresh and when it's out, it's out. You have to wait for the next fresh made with love batch. Nothing is ever frozen. Ingredients are fresh and they source local when able. Plus fair trade products are highly important to Heidi and Sabrina. This mama loves that about them. Responsible business owners with a talent for amazing confectionery creations!

Here's my top seven favorites about The Quirky Feather Confectionery

  • The atmosphere, love the chill vibe and the colors. Plus they have Ashley and my favorite saying framed on the wall. 
  • Foot stools with almost every chair, and those are high back comfy chairs to boot! Love! Heidi and Sabrina knew they wanted people to be able to really relax. They totally nailed it.
  • A secret hidden bookcase door that Sabrina told their designer was a must and non-negotiable. You go girl! 
  • Unique art throughout.
  • That they have a rule that you can never be angry in the kitchen. It might make the pastries sad. Super cool rule. 
  • Since they're open late, it's a great bar alternative.
  • The people - Heidi and Sabrina remind me of my own sisters. You can see their love for each other and that they must have a blast all the time baking away in the kitchen. I love that their family is involved and supportive too. Plus their fun and quirky team at the shop makes you feel so at ease and welcome.
Photo Credit The Quirky Feather Confectionery: Heidi & Sabrina
If you pop in, what should you try? Well I asked Heidi and Sabrina what their favs are! Heidi said it's kind of funny - she hates tea but adores the Earl Grey Macaroon. The dark chocolate Earl Grey ganache is simply amazing. Sabrina said the Chocolate Orange Tartlet. It's made with everything she loves. 

What do I see ahead for The Quirky Feather Confectionery? Lots of late night blogger meet-ups, right Megan Noel?! More kiddos in PJs with their parents. Book clubs. Baby and bridal showers. Movie nights. And so much more. It's going to be a go-to spot peeps! 

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