Mama Review - Superheroes Fishers EFT Casey VanPutten

Being a mom is hard.

It just is.

There's no getting around it. But what if we could make it just a little easier to cope? An evening with Casey VanPutten at SuperHeroes Fishers did just that. She opened the door to EFT. Which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique that combines psychology and ancient Chinese medicine. In other words, you talk through your daily stresses, fears and/or anxiety while tapping on pressure points to release tension.

I can name a lot of clutter I pick up throughout the day. Not just off the floors and counters, but stresses that I cannot change. Tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that will have its own stresses too, because I have 3 littles that need my undivided attention. EFT has become a coping tool to clear the clutter, both physically and mentally. When my head hits the pillow, I can think about sleeping not questioning my actions as a mother.

It has taught me that I need to love myself and let go of things I cannot change. My evening tapping session left me with less weight on my shoulders. Although it made me want to research more on this topic!

Casey was so sweet and understanding. Her presence was relaxing, along with the atmosphere of the facility. The chairs were cushy with upbeat artwork and wall colors the natural light accented it all. 

We all owe it to our better mama selfs, to do things that clear the clutter. Focusing on the more important things of daily life and savoring the moments before they fly by. I am encouraging you to go check out EFT and a chat with the expert Casey! She hosts group tapping sessons or individual. You can find out more by sending her an email: or give her a ring at 317-690-5543


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