Wicked Fun on a Thursday - ISM Rad Science: Skatepark Physics

I was never a skateboard girl in my younger years. Nor did I chase skater boys like Avril Lavigne. It just wasn't something that sparked my interest back then. I was a swimmer, a cheerleader and a budding journalist. Imagine that. I loved words even back then. Now I'm the unofficial cheerleader of fabFortville, and I write for a living. Always be true to what makes you happy, peeps. It's where your true talent resides.

Speaking of talent. I do have a certain respect for skateboarders. They can do some wickedly cool stunts that leave me in awe! My nephew was a serious skateboarder during his middle school, high school and even early college years. He would study moves, watch others and spend hours working to master it himself. He was always so specific about his boards too. Dedication. He once described it to me like this with snippets from a great TED Talk and his own thoughts... With skateboarding there are no coaches barking orders at you, no opponents standing across from you...it's all about pushing yourself to new limits...you're out to overcome fear and create...it's poetry in motion.

Not only poetry in motion, but physics in motion as well! I never realized that there are some amazing physics behind all those cool tricks. Even the design and construction of a skateboard! There is so much science wrapped within it, that it makes this word girl's head spin just a bit.

This week I got to explore the new exhibit Rad Science: Skatepark Physics presented by Purdue University at one of my family's very favorite downtown Indy destinations - the Indiana State Museum (ISM). 

I was amazed at all the super cool science behind skateboarding: Gravity. Force. Velocity. Inertia. Acceleration. Balance. 

And as always, ISM has made this exhibit so interactive and hands-on. It's perfect for the whole family. Tons to experience around every corner. Plus lots of learning through PLAY experiences. My kiddos favorite way to learn!

Want to learn what it means to tweak your kickflip? How about exactly how one busts an ollie? Have you always wanted to tap into some sick velocity? Learn all of that and more at ISM Rad Science: Skatepark Physics September 5th through January 3rd.

Things ramp up at #ismRadScience on Saturday September 12th from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. To celebrate the opening of this awesome new ISM exhibit, a temporary skatepark will be set up on the front lawn of the museum. A special clinic will take place from 9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. with Indiana skateboarders - Jody Weigle, Vincent Brickey, Tracy Quick, Taylor Shirek, Andrew Renshaw, AJ Nelson and Austin Dox. A free skate will take place 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. Visit ISM's website for costs, safety waivers and further details.

Are you a Fortville skater? Share you pics with us on Twitter or Instagram. Tag @FortvilleMama either place and use hashtags #fabFortville and #ismRadScience 

Disclaimer: This is sponsored post for the Indiana State Museum. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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