Two Ingredient Southwest Dressing Hack

I love southwest dressing on a salad, especially a blackened chicken salad or a taco salad. Do you remember The Fort Grille in beautiful Fortville? It was one of our favorite places to dine. I miss it so very much. It's now Lincoln Square Pancake House. Equally as delish, and we love having them in town, but there is one item they just don't have that this girl craves! ... a very specific southwest dressing.

To my delight before Chef Jamez and his team closed the doors of The Fort Grille last year, he let me in on a secret for his southwest dressing. He truly made my day! I make a version of his at home all the time now. Last night was cowboy taco salads at my house and yep, the star was the southwest dressing.

The best part is that it only takes two ingredients. Yep, only two.
  • Your favorite Ranch dressing
  • A small can of roasted Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce



That's it peeps.

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