Mama Tip Tuesday! Simple Smoothie Saving Hack!

Want to make healthy smoothies for your kiddos, but don't want to clean up the mess or the complicated cup?

As a mom of 3 under the age of 5, I am all about simplicity. I've spent way to much time cleaning messes and dealing with 6 pieces for ONE cup. I repeat ONE cup! These are the things that can make a Mama go crazy. Lets start simple. With a straw.

A straw modeled by our sponsor herself, Jamberry Consultant Lindsay. She does a great job of pointing the bendy end DOWN.

Just like so. I do believe that straw looks fabulous with those Waikiki Jams!

Then fill with a nutritious smoothie and give to your toddler or infant! Guess what!? They can't get it out! 

Yep, it's Owen, Fortville baby proof!

We'd like to welcome our newest Fortville Mama advertising sponsor Lindsay Syrus- Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant. Our September our Mama Tip Tuesdays are brought to you by Lindsay.


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