Mama Tip Tuesday - How Do I Get My Jams To Look Great

Everyone seems to be flashing their jamicures of late! How do they all look so amazingly applied? Mine look like I applied them in a dark alley. What am I doing wrong? Our newest Fortville Mama advertising sponsor Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant - Lindsay Syrus is here to share a few Mama tips with us to make Jamberry application easier and your jams the envy of all your friends.

Drumroll... Here's Lindsay

My Four Favorite Jamberry Tips: 
  • I love our hands-free mini heater! It makes application so much more convenient than trying to use your hair dryer at home. 
  • Making sure your nail bed is clean, free of oils and dry is key to getting a lasting application! I wipe my nails with acetone (nail polish remover) before each application. You also do not want to submerge your hands in water for a few hours after application. I usually apply my wraps right before bed. This is especially important for children, since they naturally have oilier nail beds than adults! 
  • When in doubt, apply more heat! Getting your wraps hot and pliable will ensure the smoothest application. 
  • There are a handful of different nail finishes: glossy, matte, sparkle, etc. You may have better luck with one over another when it comes to application! I personally love our matte wraps.
Meet Lindsay:

Lindsay is a fellow "Fortville Mama". She resides in beautiful Fortville, Indiana with her husband and almost 5 year old son. She's been a hair stylist in Broad Ripple for almost 10 years. In May of 2014 she started her Jamberry adventure, where she teasingly says she spends her days as a nail model and party queen. She's the Team Manager of 84 incredible women. We're thrilled to have her on board as a Fortville Mama sponsor and can't wait to see what fun we can get into this month with our Mama Tip Tuesdays.


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