Mama Tip Tuesday! Breathing Life Into The Old

It's the rocker no one wanted. It might have become someone's firewood. 

I saw it and instantly wanted it. 

Every year since I was a little girl around Independence Day, we go to an Amish Auction in central Wisconsin. Not far from Wisconsin Dells. Back then I went for the fresh made from scratch donuts and cookies. Now I go for the "big girl" stuff that fills our home. My dad was watching the auctioneer sell off the antiques, and I told him I wanted the chair. He looked at me like I was crazy. He told me I didn't want it. It was worn and tattered. Once the auctioneer came around the the old tattered grandfather's rocking chair, no one could see it's beauty.

It sat in our storage room for a few years waiting for it's beauty to be uncovered. To be loved and adorned. Waiting for life.

My 2 girls wiped it down with Woodman's Soap and water. I took the seat padding off along with the nails. Then applied Tung Oil.

The Tung Oil saturated every crevice while the thirsty wood drank it in. The old grandfather's rocker had came back to life in all it's glory. The grains of the wood popped once again.

Might you have something hidden in storage waiting for new life? Maybe a fresh coat of paint or stain would bring it's inner beauty out of hiding? 
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