Hollywood Comes to Fortville Indiana

Hollywood Comes To #fabFortville 

Our very own, beloved local non-profit, Ten West Center for the Arts, will be the location for auditions for an upcoming Hollywood movie! From the creator of Final Destination, comes the new film, Car 86. Producers will be on on-site in #fabFortville and holding open auditions September 16th, 17th and 18th at Ten West. 

The film is a modern body snatcher story with the heart of a car chase film. The film's hero, Steve, a Millennial, is lost in a post-collegiate world void of opportunity, until his childhood friends Jeremy and Emma unknowingly lead him into a reality outstretching his imagination. Their biggest problem? This world is inhabited by Janglings, a vicious race of alien body snatchers. While the alien’s mission is unclear, their intentions are not. Leave no witnesses. With the police force under enemy control, Steve and his friends must run for their lives while exposing the threat to the world.    

The Producers of Car 86 are Indiana natives and excited to be back in town searching for talent. 

What a phenomenal opportunity for our quaint town! I wonder if possibly they might even film a bit of the new movie in and around Fortville? We're a great location, right?! Maybe we'll get to be the "movie home" of Car 86 and rival our neighbor Knightstown for Hollywood fame? I'm up for it. How about you?

More details will be coming soon via Ten West, but below are the available roles: 

Marcus - Mid-30s. He's your typical clean-cut police officer. His looks are by the book - crisp uniform, shaven, anywhere from fit to maybe just a tad overweight. But his attitude is the opposite. 

Brandie - mid-40s, petite, messy and unkempt, but yet still attractive. Agile and athletic build. 

Bateman - 30s, goofy, average height and looks. Funny and comedic timing necessary.

Blonde "Lady of the Night" - late 30s, white, worn down by a hard life. Clearly on something.

Transgender "Lady of the Night" (non-speaking)- 40s, African-American, tall and slender. Also, clearly on something. 

Officer Whitfield - mid 20s, young and full of confidence. Handsome and your stereotypical young police officer. 

Ill Dr. Phil - 50s, glasses and looks like a cheap version of a psychiatrist. 

Larry - mid 30s, large and slightly overweight. Looks like someone who would attend Gen-Con. Works as a cashier in a convenience store. 

Officer Mariano - male, mid 30s, fit and a by-the-book cop. 

Officer Thompson - female, mid 30s, strong and powerful. 

Reporter - news reporter, 30s, attractive and elegant. 

Server- young 20s, works as a server at the local fast food restaurant. 

Emma’s Mother - 50s, frail and sick. Clearly doesn’t get out much, a hermit.

Here is the link, if you would like more information or to submit your information for an audition. 

Disclaimer: Audition details provided via Ten West Center for the Arts press release. Please confirm dates, times and event information with Ten West prior to attending.


  1. Several years ago they filmed a scene for a movie at Mom and Pops grocery in Maxwell! Wonder if this was the movie?


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