Fit Friday - Part II of Finding Your Fitness Niche

Turn Your Personal Journey Into Personal Triumph

Two weeks ago we talked about how so many have been able to find self confidence through their fitness and wellness journey.  But what happens when you fall off the wagon, stumble as you walk or have a “life gets in the way moment”?  How do you continue on that journey and stay the course to your ultimate goals?  It’s difficult, yes.  But not impossible.  There are two things you must remember when you come across that bump in the road. Number 1: you are important; you are worth it!  Number 2: you are not alone; you have people in your corner; you can ask for help.  Remembering these two things can turn your personal journey into personal triumph.  You will not only be rewarding yourself with the tenacity to get back on the horse, but you will also be rewarded by the overwhelming feeling of “I can.”

Share with me in these personal stories of my very own clients who have had those stumbles, but have also been able to realize so much more about themselves - all because they asked for help and found their fitness niche.

….my own personal journey to better health and wellness is never ending. I have battled my weight the better part of my life. I now have a trainer that goes above and beyond to help me be successful in my wellness journey.  (SG)
….when I started my journey at Blue Seas, I was overweight, low on energy and run down in my life. Gaining the changes in my body by losing weight and getting healthy again after the birth of my son also gave me great mental and emotional benefits. Whenever I have had ups and downs in my life, I can always rely on my trainer and the members to celebrate my ups and help through the downs. (CR)
….Blue Seas has changed my life. It has a chain reaction on other people in my life to encourage to become healthier. I leave feeling energized and inspired. I personally have gained more muscle that I thought I would ever have and more confidence in myself to do things I never thought I would do. (KM)
….I never envisioned myself becoming one of those “crazy exercise people”. I was given a gift certificate and thought it was a nice gift, but had only planned on using the certificate sessions and never going back. WRONG! 2 ½ years later, I’m part of the Blue Seas Family and have become a runner who completed my very first half marathon! (AS)
….the fear of being judged was a big factor in me not stepping foot in a gym until the age of 54. I have never felt judged at Blue Seas. I feel like everyone there is rooting for me, as I am for them. They are the most supportive group of people I have ever been around. Many of the other members are dealing with some of the same challenges in life that I am. Their encouragement gives me the confidence to push myself and the desire to want to do better. (KD)
….my own personal journey began as needing more routine and consistency in my health and fitness. Blue Seas has helped me stay focused and continues to push me to be the healthiest me. The support from everyone there is tremendous and I always look forward to coming in. (CM)
….I was struggling recently with my professional career and it was starting to make be feel anxiety and depression. I felt so much better both mentally and physically after each workout due to the support of both my trainer and everyone at the gym. It is like a family atmosphere and I continue to look forward to my weekly workouts. (RM)
….my journey at Blue Seas has been amazing. I do not just have a trainer and gym, I have a gym family and a friend. My gym family has supported me through several surgeries, family trauma/drama and joyous occasions. When my husband lost his job and was unemployed for over a year, my trainer and gym family pulled together and made sure I did not quit. They looked for jobs for my husband, they secretly donated money so I could stay at the gym when money was very tight. I could not have continued on this healthy journey without all the love and support. I am not where I want to be in my weight loss journey, but I am where I am suppose to be working out. Best trainer and best gym, no question! (LS)
….Blue Seas is not only a gym it is an extended family. I go for many reasons such as maintaining my Crohn’s disease, keeping my energy up, trying to be the healthiest I can but along the way I gained a family; a large network of people who care and support one another.
….In 2012, I was at my highest weight and lowest fitness level. After being encouraged by my wife to join and seeing the results and personal changes that she underwent, I joined Blue Seas fitness family. Although in the beginning I wanted to quit and just accept the fact that I was too old and too out of shape to continue working out and eating healthy. My trainer wouldn’t let that happen. The other members wouldn’t let that happen. She and the members became cheerleaders for each other. And when I say fitness family, it truly is a family. Where there are days that someone is struggling with the workout or eating healthy, another member is there encouraging them and helping them along. I’m in better shape physically and mentally than I have been my entire adult life, and feel better overall. I still have many fitness goals that I want to achieve, and I know that I can attain them. I owe it to Blue Seas and my Blue Seas fitness family! (SS)

Stop and think? Did you relate to any of these stories? Maybe that is you - afraid to be judged.  Maybe that is you - too old and out of shape.  Maybe that is you - fighting a disease, physical or mental ailment. Maybe that is you - struggling everyday to find a way to become that better you!  These are just some of the triumphs I could share; there are hundreds more but I want everyone to know that it is possible to get moving; get healthier; feel better.  They each have found what makes them feel better, what gives them confidence - they have discovered their fitness niche.  

Stay tuned in two weeks for our final chapter of “Finding Your Fitness Niche”.

In Health and Wellness,

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