Fit Friday - Finding Your Fitness Niche!

Finding Your Fitness Niche!

Part 1: Fitness & Wellness Is A Journey
Do you ever get up in the morning and say “I just don’t feel like working today”?  Do you come home mentally exhausted from a days work?  Do you ever find yourself wanting a different job or career? I’m sure that happens on a regular basis with almost everyone…..well, everyone except for me!  I absolutely love what I do and I’m energized by the thought of being able to help each of my client’s start or end their day with a great workout.  I’m blessed that I turned away from the everyday box gym and fought to provide a place of wellness physically, mentally and emotionally.  And , I get a bonus…..many of my client’s have become my closest friends, advice givers, and amazing listening ears.  I have found my fitness niche and I encourage each of you to find yours!  In a 3-part series of “finding your fitness niche”, I want to share some stories of my client’s….all from very different walks of life and all with different fitness and wellness struggles.  I want to give you the opportunity to relate to them, seeing that anyone and everyone is capable of finding that healthy medium.  If you’re struggling to find your “niche”, don’t be afraid to ask for help, lean on others, find strength in numbers, and be open to new ideas.  
I asked 13 of my clients to fill in the following sentence:  Fitness and wellness is a journey and I’ve been able to __________________ since becoming a member of Blue Seas.  Below are their responses; see if any of them might fit your personal situation and if they might inspire you to join a fitness program or start your own.  Whatever it may be, I hope it will give you a push to start…..even if it’s at the very beginning.
Fitness and wellness is a journey and I’ve been able to……
…..gain insight and understanding into the reasons why I have weight issues - Stacy G.
….gain health, strength, support and regain self confidence and self love - Cyndi R.
….gain confidence, strength, determination and friendship - Kacie M.
….gain discipline, muscle tone and self confidence - Amy S.
….gain confidence in myself and the strength to do much more than I ever thought I could - Kandie D.
...gain more confidence on what I can do and how better to help myself- Cheryl M.
….gain a better understanding of my overall personal health and how better to take care of my body - Ryan 
….gain self confidence and self esteem - Lisa S.
….gain a way to help manage my Crohn’s disease and support through life’s obstacles - Jen P.
….gain muscle, lose weight and gain confidence - Steve S.
....gain strength, do something for me and work towards a healthier me - Jenny L.
…….since becoming a Member of Blue Seas.
Self confidence screams at me through these responses and it is through their consistent workout routines and dedication to themselves that they have been able to gain the confidence that also leads to all the other things they mentioned.  This can be YOU - I believe it’s capable of being attained by anyone that will just give themselves a fighting chance.  Take a moment to ask yourself what your fitness niche might be and then start searching for it.  How great would you feel if you found confidence and self esteem just by starting a simple fitness regimen and allowing it to grow into something more?
In Part 2 of my series, I will share the reasons why the fitness niche we have created here at Blue Seas continues to be successful.  Keep reading; allow yourselves to be inspired by these stories.  See you in 2 weeks!
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