Farm To Table Series - Local Fresh To Your Store and Table!

Ever wonder exactly how your grocery store got all its yummy fresh stuff? How exactly does it travel from the farm to your table? Since early this year, we've been oh so lucky to go on a Indiana Family of Farmers Farm to Table journey and discover exactly how it all happens. It's been such an awesome ride too! We've met farmers, seen farm technology in action, explored processing plants and even a local Kroger!
Speaking of the local grocery store... It's no wonder I get distracted and lost in my own little world every time I go to the store. Yes, this mama is easily distracted! With 3 kids in tow it's more like a wonderland circus going to the store! I walk in for milk and leave with a cart full.
But how exactly does the oh so good for you milk get there? Let's start from the very beginning. The Cow. We visited Sam Schwoppe with her beautiful Prairie Farms milk maidens in Southern Indiana earlier this year. Sam feeds and milks her maidens twice a day. All while putting in more hours caring for them then the normal 9-5 desk job. Once the milk leaves the cow, it travels through a series of tubes to a holding tank. Then rests in a holding tank. The truck transfers it to the processing plant where it goes through the pasteurization process.

The milk is then bottled and ready to go to your local grocery store.

Not only do we get nutritious milk from cows like Sam's dairy maidens, but yummy dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese and ice cream.

Jenny, my co-Fortville Mama, was lucky to run into these cool gents earlier this month at a new grocery store's grand opening. Sure do love all the local fresh variety from Prairie Farms!

Some grocery tips I learned while on the Kroger grocery tour were:
  • Shop the outer edges of the store. You'll find dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables. 
  • End caps often draw you in and seem like a great deal but they are not always nutritious for you.
  • Make sure to look up and down while shopping. The highest paying marketers want you to see their product at eye level. No, they are not always the healthiest choices!
  • Last and best of all in our book BUY LOCAL.
#FarmsMatter, peeps

Disclaimer: I am a Farm to Table Ambassador for Indiana Dairy and this is sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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