Happy Friday Peeps! Enjoy another great Fit Friday post from the amazing Toby of Blue Seas Fitness and Wellness in Fortville.

As I look outside today I can take a giant breathe of fresh air and smile at the sunshine that brightens up the day.  For most of these summer months we’ve seen nothing but gray skies, heard loud clapping thunder and experienced rain that could be classified as arc-building worthy.  So I’m reminded today how important it is for mine (and your) health to get outside and enjoy the days like today.  Not only does the sunshine make us feel more upbeat, but our bodies are begging for the Vitamin D that the sun produces.  I say, there’s no better way to soak this up then to get your booty moving and take your workout outside!  I love being able to send my clients outside for a warm-up or cool-down or even a light run when the days allow and most of them prefer it.  

Enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer you.  Think of it as your fitness canvas - a wide open space with endless possibilities.  Walking, biking, jogging, hiking, kayaking, fishing, climbing…..the “ing” words are calling your name and all you have to do is answer.  Of course you can’t get in a hike every day, but walking around the block or in your neighborhood during the week, then planning for a long hike at your local park on the weekend gives you something to look forward to.  

More importantly while you’re enjoying these little outdoor fitness activities, is a great opportunity  to use your breaks along those paths for some good old fashion mental health as well.  Stop for a water break rather than trying to pour it in your mouth along the way.  Look around, enjoy the sights, feel the warmth of the sun and meditate for a few minutes.  Regroup, repack that water and continue with the physical activity.  If you allow yourselves these opportunities, your workout will be more than enough.

Let me give you a terrific way to take advantage of the beautiful weather while fulfilling your daily wellness and fitness goals.  As an added bonus, ask your family and friends to join in with this activity.  You will be amazed at how fun it becomes and how much you can accomplish.

Design your own fitness scavenger hunt!  Pick 4-5 exercises that you know can be done outside and that aren’t too difficult.  Personally, I would choose squats, pushups, lateral hops, tricep dips, walking lunges and if I felt real ambitious, burpees.  Give each exercise a number and let that number represent the number of reps you will do.  Now assign when you will do them.  For example, as your walking you might say for every person I see walking that has red on, I’m going to do 10 pushups.  Think about all the different ideas you could come up with and since you’re constantly searching for things on your walk or jog, an hour will go past and you won’t even realize it. Trust me, this outdoor fitness routine gets plenty of laughs as well, especially if you’re doing it with friends and family.

No matter how busy you are, make time for outdoor activities in some fashion.  I’m always amazed at what an early morning walk (or run) in the great outdoors can do for my motivation the rest of the day.  I call it a “pick-me-up”; something that I know everyone needs at some point each day.  

Stay tuned in a few weeks for some special success stories straight from my gym…..I can’t wait to show you that everyone, no matter who you are, is worth the time and effort!

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