FitFriday - How to Avoid Back to School Drama

A little prep ahead of time can make for a smooth back to school transition for the whole family.

Wise back to school tips from the amazing Kelly Shores of Fortville's Restoration Counseling. Love having her as a guest blogger!
Can you believe that summer is already winding down? I know I can't! Our family has been enjoying a lot of family time and crossing things off our summer bucket list. However, yesterday I took my daughter back to school shopping and the over crowded Target aisles reminded me that the new school year is almost upon us!

A new school year can be an exciting time, but there can also be a lot of stress and anxiety when it comes to the start of school. Families are adjusting to more rigid routines after a lazy summer and kids are making transitions to new classes, schools, teachers and friends. It can be a lot for both parents and kids to handle.

Here are a couple tips to help you and your family get the school year off to the right start:

Starting moving your family back onto a schedule in the next couple weeks. Move back bed times and wake up times to give their bodies time to adjust. If you wait until a few days before school kids won't be used to the new routine and will likely wake up tired and cranky. Getting an early start on the routine will make those school mornings run a lot smoother.

­Talk to your kids about the changes the new school year presents. I think giving kids an opportunity to talk about their feelings when things change is so good for them. This is a great way to help kids to learn to talk about their emotions and to be validated in them. Ask questions like “What are you looking forward to most about the new school year?” or “Is there anything about this year that makes you feel nervous?” Any open-­ended question will do, just get that dialogue moving.

­Begin planning for the daily routine. As a parent having an idea of what the daily routine will look like with help ease some of your back to school stress. Think about what the morning will look like. What needs to happen before your child leaves for school? Will you pack lunches the night before or in the morning? Do you need to help your child lay out clothes the night before? Also, begin thinking about what the afternoon routine will look like. When will homework get done? What about chores? Thinking these things through will help to ease your stress level as you make the back to school transition.

­Think about doing a back to school celebration. This is a big milestone and milestones should be celebrated. Think about having a special dinner the night before or the first night of school. Maybe making a special treat to celebrate the new year. Our family always has doughnuts on the first day of school! Finding a fun way to celebrate this transition can make everyone feel a little better about
the changes ahead.

I hope you and your kids all have a GREAT school year!


Meet Kelly Shores and learn more about Restoration Counseling by clicking here. Follow them on Facebook as well. They often blog about helpful topics for mamas and families! So glad to have them here in our community. What a great resource!

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