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Happy Friday Peeps! Enjoy another great Fit Friday post from the amazing Toby of Blue Seas Fitness & Wellness in Fortville.

Fear…..that four-letter word that sticks in the mind of every person who is thinking of joining a fitness program or group fitness class.  Suggestions from your inside voice keep saying, “I won’t fit in”, “I might injure myself”, and even “what if I embarrass myself?”  If you think you’re the only one that thinks about these things, you are definitely wrong.  I’ve heard many stories from current and former clients about why they avoided the world of fitness in the past and sharing those with you will also allow me to show you how to overcome those things as you embark upon any health or fitness journey.
There they are; the long never-ending line of exercise machinery complete with all their buttons and gadgets galore.  And next to it, the wide array of weight machines where everyone appears to know exactly what they’re doing.  There is no privacy for you; no way to hide from lurking eyes while you “try it out”.   
So, you’re ready to try a group fitness class - one of those that requires step counting, concentration and some sense of coordination.  But, you’ve seen the pictures; the advertisements and there must be 100 people that take these classes.  How ever will you get through it without stepping on someone or turning the wrong direction?
You’ve heard that circuit training is the way to go.  But, what on earth do you do with each machine in the circuit?  How much weight is too much? Which direction do I sit? Which muscles does each machine target? Yep, there’s a sign that shows me exactly what each machine in the circuit does but exactly what is your latissimus dorsi or adductor longus?  And if I ask, am I going to get weird looks or should I just hop on and give it a whirl?
There they are; men with bulging muscles lifting what appears to be 500 pounds of iron while the gal next to him in her sports bra and perfect six-pack abs stretches in the mirror.  And me, in my Capri pants and oversized t-shirt is expected to kick out the perfect sweat workout next to “these people”!
And, there it is, your top reasons why you never get started in the first place.  Just too much to worry about, too many intimidating factors, too many judging people to even think about your own routine and so, once again, you put it off.
Come on now, you can’t keep putting YOURSELF off!  You can’t let that little “fearful” voice inside your head keep winning.  What you need to find is a comfort level; the right fit for you.  Start by considering your motivation for wanting to start a health and wellness program.  Maybe it’s to combat high blood pressure or high cholesterol.  Maybe it’s because you want to walk in the Fall’s 5K event in honor of a friend or family member.  Maybe it’s simply because you want to feel better about yourself.  Whatever that original motivation is, that’s the only voice you should be listening to.  
Don’t think big; think small.  Search out smaller class sizes, more individualized attention and don’t be afraid to ask questions from your gym owners, their instructors and their trainers.  And make sure you ask about your concerns prior to signing up for anything.  Take a tour; ask if they will allow you to try it out before you jump on board.  If you don’t feel 100% comfortable within the first 10 minutes you’re there, then it probably isn’t the right fit for you.  
Always act confident; even if you’re not feeling that way.  You know what you want so set goals, keep your head up and go after it.  Your goal isn’t to push 500 lbs of iron, so who cares what that muscle head thinks.  You’re not trying to parade on stage in the next bodybuilding competition, so don’t worry about what the girl flexing in the mirror is doing.  Instead, be confident in what you want and go with what you know.  Start with the basics and learn along the way.  
And finally, never do it alone.  Invite a friend, hire a trainer, seek out gym friends who have the same interests or similar goals.  Even if you don’t have someone go to the gym with you or join you on a Sunday afternoon run along the country roads, find someone who you know you can count on to keep you up on the days that aren’t going so great.  Just knowing that you have one or even multiple people alongside you in the journey can take all those fears away.  
In conclusion, and something that I continue to try and instill on my clients each and every day.  This journey is about YOU!!  Keep breathing; keep thinking; keep believing in yourself and the journey you have put in front of you.  There will always be stumbling blocks or fears to jump out and try to remove you from your path….but keep your head up; your confidence high and those fears little by little will subside.  As famous baseball great Babe Ruth once said, “Don’t let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”
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