Artisan Thursday - For The Love Of Curds - The Delicious Squeaky Cheese

I'm funny about my cheese. It's got to be just right and from a source I trust. No off brands. I'm that way about any of my dairy. My husband makes fun of me for it. He laughs hysterically that I would rather drive all the way to Kroger than risk buying milk from the gas station or convenience store in a pinch. In my head, it's not the same. Okay maybe I need dairy therapy.

I'm improving a bit. I've purchased milk at Aldi's. It used to be only Prairie Farms or no go. Not even the store brand would do. I tried raw milk this year too. Don't fall over in disbelief, Coach Man. I actually liked it. The taste was amazing.

I'm still super picky on my cheese. I like certain brands. I don't want it to taste like processed crap. Fat free cheese is for the birds. Actually birds shouldn't even eat it or anyone else for that matter. I want cheese to have a distinct delicious cheese taste and texture. I adore trips to Fair Oaks Farms for my absolute favorite of all cheese - their creamy, buttery Havarti Onion! It's cheese heaven, peeps.

Last year when Nancy Strickland of the Chamber told me how delicious fresh cheese curds were, I was curious. I'd only ever had them fried at the State Fair or Culvers. Nothing like fried curds from that Wisconsin Cheese booth near the midway rides at the fair. Okay, my mouth is watering. I digress. Back to the fresh curds.

Nancy explained to me that the best, freshest curds squeak when you eat them. That sent me over the edge a bit. Cheese that squeaks? How could that be yummy? In my head it sounded rubbery.

I was brave and I tried one of her Tomato Basil Cheese Curds a product of Indiana's Swissland Cheese Company and sold at the Fortville Farmer's Market by Blue River Natural Foods. Oh my! I don't think there really are words to explain how good a fresh cheese curd much more than just a squeaky cheese! A mild delicious cheesy snack. Perfect alone or maybe with some smoked sausage or deli meats. A healthy afterschool snack or a fun appetizer. So many possibilities!

I challenge you to try something new this week. Pick up a carton of fresh cheese curds at the Fortville Farmers Market tonight (4-7p.m.) from Blue Rivers Natural Foods and snack away. They have quite a few flavors to choose from including Tomato Basil and Garlic Herb.

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