Wandering Wednesday - Flowing Well Park in Carmel Indiana

A Crystal Clear Hidden Treasure in Carmel Indiana

My family moved to Carmel when I was nine. As a young girl I visited the Flowing Well Park with my mama. The exact same age my little man is right now. It's the city where I spent most of my growing up years. Early on during our Carmel days a homegrown local let my mom in on the secret of the Flowing Well Park. I'm so grateful too! It's a gem of a park.

Introducing my kiddos to the quaint little park nestled near 116th Street and Gray Road a few weeks ago brought back a rush of memories and made me miss my mama a bit as well. I loved watching my children take it all in and know she is watching over us and smiling. Often life is about the small things. Savor them, peeps.

The Flowing Well Park is definitely bit of a hidden gem. Not everyone knows of it, but those that do love the crisp clean water from the underground natural reservoir and visit often with their saved gallon jugs to fill and take home. My mom and I used to do the same. It's some of the best drinking water around.
Yes, the FREE natural drinking water is a draw, but the 18 acre park includes so much more for families to enjoy. Hiking and trails abound with nature's treasures to observe along the way. Cool Creek runs through the park as well. You can sit and enjoy the banks of the creek from benches throughout the park or even try your hand at fishing. Why not make an afternoon out of your visit and enjoy a picnic or a cookout from the park's shelter areas?

The Flowing Well Park in Carmel Indiana is such a peaceful little slice of heaven. We hope that in your travels to and fro along 116th Street in Hamilton County that you stop and explore this sweet little park. Don't forget an empty water bottle or maybe a gallon jug or two and grab yourself some amazing water while you're there!
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