Wandering Wednesday - A BSU Adventure

In honor of a late night funny man I adore, today's Wandering Wednesday is all about a family fun adventure to Ball State University.

Some of my best memories were while attending BSU. It's where Coach Man and I met. A fabulous college experience, a loving husband, friends that have stayed with me into adulthood and a love for fine "almost world famous hot dogs" are just a few of the things that I gained through my years at BSU.

Coach Man and I have been married 15 years as of this year. Crazy as it may seem...we had yet to take the Fortville Mama kiddos back to see where it all began until this spring.

They loved it! It's really just a hop, skip and jump away from Fortville. Plus Coach Man likes to take the scenic route through Yorktown so the kids had lots to see and take in as we drove. Our first stop was the Muncie Mall looking for Carter's Hot Dogs only to find it closed. Sad, sad day peeps. I really wanted one of those delicious chili cheese dogs! Nothing has ever compared. Oh well on to Plan B. Our other college staple - Greek's Pizzeria. Oh the garlic buttered breadsticks and crust. Heaven! It used to be a hard choice some Friday and Saturday nights between a slice of Greek's and a Hot Dog Man special dog from their adjacent corner carts.
Our second stop was a new BSU Village staple as my niece, a current BSU student, advises. It did not disappoint. Amazingly delicious cookies. Served warm and with milk if you so desire. The Fortville Mama kiddos give it two chocolate covered thumbs up. Plus this place delivers to students! Man do I wish Carter's had delivered all those years ago!
After dinner and dessert we drove around campus and showed the kids all the spots near and dear to our hearts. Where we had lived, where our classes had been, where used to take walks together...one of our favorites was by Benny, an iconic BSU statue really named Beneficence, and the Frog Baby Fountain near the library. So many great memories.
We ended our trip with a visit to our niece's dorm to see her room and meet her roommate. Wow a rush of memories. Yikes, those dorms are hot! This mama can't take that anymore. Plus yikes those rooms are small. Where the heck did we put all our stuff?! And I am certainly happy to have my own shower now and not have to carry around a little shower caddy and sport cute shower flip flops down the hall.
These two had the time of their life exploring college life. Might we have two future BSU students on our hands? Quite possibly! Looks like we need to get them some BSU gear.
My mama advice to you...don't wait as long as we did to take your kiddos down memory lane. It's fun to show them there was life before they arrived and that you weren't always someone's mama. College campus visits aren't just for high school seniors trying to decide which college to grace with their presence come fall...it's an adventure for young and old.
P.S. #ThanksDave Thanks for all the laughs. Thanks for being a BSU alum. Thanks for making Indiana even cooler. Best wishes for your next adventure. Maybe a trip with Henry to BSU?
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  1. Funny, that's where my husband and I met--but neither of us attended! The only time we were at the campus was the night we met, when we were both visiting friends. We hit eleven years this year. :)


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