Top 3 Reasons to Eat Seasonal Local Fresh

We are overjoyed that the Fortville Farmers Market is back for another season. So many great local fresh options for our families! So many great vendors who put so much care into what they do. Will you be venturing out this evening from 4-7 p.m. for some local fresh at the Fortville Farmers Market?

You may think to yourself, why head out to the market just yet, it's not really prime season? No homegrown Indiana tomatoes, no sweet corn, no melons, no berries... Be patient my friends those are coming. Now is the time to enjoy the bounty of what is seasonally available right now in our own backyards. Things like fresh asparagus! And fresh leaf lettuce, green onions, flowers, herb and tomato plants, meats, cheese, eggs and honey! There are some great non-GMO herb and veggie plants ready for you to pick up right now from several vendors and then have your own fresh veggies by summer too!

Our Top 3 Reasons to Eat Seasonal Local Fresh

  • Prime flavor, quality and nutrients. It's just been picked and it is at its very best. Plus it didn't travel far at all to get to your table. The colors are bold, it's fresh, tasty and oh so good for you.
  • By going with what's in season, you get a great variety all year long! Fruits and veggies at their very best. What's better than a Harker Family Farms true summer peach? What about a Tuttle apple picked right from the tree in the fall? Yummy! Visit here to keep up on what can be found seasonally in your area at farmer's markets.
  • It really is budget friendly. Some people think buying fresh can be more expensive. The truth is buying fresh and seasonally is actually easier on the pocketbook. When items are in season there is an abundance and prices are lower. By buying seasonal fresh you save. You can also buy some seasonal items in season and can or freeze and save yourself dollars later on too! I love stocking my freezer with berries from summer for later smoothies and fresh herb ice cubes for fall soups.

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