Mama Tip Tuesday! Top 5 Money Saving Home Cooling Tips

Keeping It Cool Peeps

Budget friendly tips from a heating and cooling expert!

I want to kick off this post with disclosing that these awesome tips come from my husband, who has been a heating and air service tech for years now. He spends his days maintaining electrical, heating and air, as well as plumbing for 30 bank locations around metro Indianapolis. This advice is not fueled for advertising, but just great suggestions from a trusted source. 
As I was driving home today, I thought this would be a great time to remind everyone to service their AC. It's beautiful outside and a great time to open windows, but once the summer heat sets in and people find out that their ACs won't work when they need it the most equals the busiest season for heating and air companies!

These are the Fortville Dad's Top 5 Summer Ready AC Tips!

1. The Filter: Change your filter often! It's a small expense compared to paying for a service call. It can cause your AC to lose air flow and therefore can freeze up the unit. 1 inch filter be should be changed 1-3 months, 4-5 inch filter every 6 months. Change more often with increased foot traffic, pets or larger families.
2. Batteries: Yes, another small expense compared to a service charge. My husband has been out to homes that the only reason the system is not working is the batteries! If you have a digital thermostat that takes batteries, be sure to check battery life.
3.  Preventative Maintenance: Be sure to have your system cleaned and watch for small problems that could cause your system to malfunction. By keeping your system running as it should, it benefits from seasonal cleanings. Dust and debris can build up over time causing less efficiency. If your system is over 5 years old and has never been cleaned and checked, be sure to have an expert service it.
4. Don't Wait: If you sense something could be wrong, it is better and less expensive then it going out in the middle of the night when companies have to charge extra for after hours service. Also, do NOT wait till it gets super hot when it is more common for systems to break down. Another example would be your system not maintaining a set temperature. Turning the temperature lower will not do it any good. Also, if it does not sound or smell right call a trusted company.
5. Shop Around: Don't be afraid to get a second opinion, especially if something major is wrong or a system replacement is in order. Ask friends for references and check online reviews. Call companies and ask if they provide free quotes. If you prefer a certain manufacturer such as Trane or Carrier you can go to their website and they will provide you with local HVAC contractors that install and maintain their systems. Manufacturers actually send out customer questionnaires. Contractors have to maintain a certain grade to install and maintain their systems.

The Fortville Dad staying cool with his Fortville Mama kiddo and a chick friend.

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  1. I never knew there were so many little things to pay attention to when servicing your own air conditioning unity. Tip number two about checking the batteries regularly seems like it might help you save money on hiring someone to do it. My parents have a large ac unit connected to their home and this might be a good tip for them to remember.

  2. Great tips! You should really take care of your HVAC unit, so that it can serve you for a long time. And I think number 4 really is the most important one in the list; you shouldn’t wait if you think that there’s something wrong. Be cautious and observant, so you can do preventive measures beforehand. Anyway, thanks for sharing these tips! I’m sure it will those who would be able to read them. Cheers!

    Dennis Cannon @ LairdAndSon

  3. I really like your fourth tip to not wait to repair potential problems. I agree that if you sense something is wrong, it's better to address the situation right away than further down the road when the problem could potentially be bigger and more expensive. Calling a trusted company, as you suggest, will definitely be able to fix the problem quickly and correctly so that your unit can continue to be effective in keeping your home cool. Thanks for your insight!

  4. Theses are some handy tips indeed. Will be using them for sure because of the weather we have had over the last couple months has really taken its toll on the power bill. It has jumped up by 50 dollars which is a lot if you consider how little we actually use in the grand scheme of things. Thanks again.

    Karla Foster @ South West Houston Plumbing


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