Mama Tip Tuesday! Save One Booty At A Time!

Our mama tip today is all about bottoms. Yep, everybody has got one!
In honor of our new sponsor, Lambswear, Inc., who is doing an "Undie 500" campaign for the month of May, I am sharing my tried and true organic wipe solution!

First thing I want to talk about how great I think it is that we have a non-profit in our community taking on the task of providing clothing for children in need! No kiddo should have to go without in their young life! Let alone clothing too. Clothing can take a big chunk out of a family budget and no parent should have to choose between clothing, food or housing. Please consider Lambswear next time you are in the store where undies are sold, but also for your annual giving budget as well. They are doing great work here in our community!
Jenny, my co-Fortville Mama, gives me a hard time that I am a crunchy mama. Well, I proudly am, but before children I was definitely not crunchy. Kids change you in many ways and for me that was one of them. I started cloth diapering 5 years ago when my oldest was 6 months. I read how economical cloth diapers were. I had looked at every penny in our budget and saw how much we were spending on disposals, and I knew something had to change! So we tried them, and I was hooked! They were so adorable with super cute colors and patterns. That was the beginning of that leg of my crunchy journey.

Fast forward 5 years, a few things have changed in the way I cloth diaper. At first I thought that adding cloth wipes would be to much trouble, but I learned that they really go hand in hand. Plus it's greener too. Less waste in a trash can. All you have to do is throw both the diapers and the wipes in the washer and not separate! We have tried many wipe solutions, and I've settled on a tried and true formula. My little guy who is 6 months now and has a super soft and clean booty thanks to my organic go-to wipe solution.

Calming Organic Wipe Solution
1 cup warm water
1 tsp organic fractionated coconut oil
1 tsp Dr. Bonners soap
2 drops organic lavender essential oil
2 drops tea tree essential oil
Start with your warm water in a jar. Then add remaining ingredients. Shake then pour over wipes.
Test out on baby's skin before use. Some adjustments may need to be made according to your little one!

Give it a try and let us what you think!

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