Mama Tip Tuesday! 2 Ingredient Fruit Leathers

How many snacks have just 2 ingredients?

These were gobbled up quickly and tasted like a special treat! They were so easy and not a lot of clean up. Plus they are oh so healthy, no refrigeration required, pack them and take them on a hike!

There are so many reasons I love warmer weather. One of them being all the local produce at your finger tips! I keep saying that this is the best time for my youngest who is 6 months to start solids! Yes his first taste of food was asparagus straight from our garden just a week or two ago!

My favorite part is that these fruit leather ingredients are able to be locally sourced! So what is it already?! Strawberries and Apples! This is definitely a recipe to bookmark for June as the berries start popping up!

Strawberry/Apple Fruit Leathers

2 lbs Strawberries
1 Apple

Rinse and cut tops off strawberries. Then quarter apple and remove seeds. Add Apple and strawberries to blender or food processor. Blend till smooth. Add to food dehydrator, Dehydrate at 135 degrees for 24 hours.

Enjoy! They will keep for a month at room temperature in a sealed container or up to 1 year stored in the freezer. For more info on making fruit leathers in your oven click here.


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