Fit Friday - Taking Note of the Little Things

My new workout kicks. Yep, loud neon pink and purple shoes. Love them!
I'm three weeks into my journey with Toby at Blue Seas Fitness and Wellness Center in Fortville. I'm starting to notice little things, and I am overjoyed peeps! It's such hard work some days, it's sweaty and truth be told some days I just don't want to do it, but seeing visible changes that are oh so good for me are making me want to jump for joy. These little things help me realize that I CAN DO THIS and that I should have done it years ago!
So over the three weeks some of my changes - body shape changes (I'm noticing differences in my tummy, ankles and booty!), new gear (I bought a good pair of workout shoes, a sports bra and workout clothes. Investing in this new healthier me.), more energy (I took the kids to Conner Prairie this week and didn't a sit down and rest break!), food choices (I'm starting to think about the food choices I make daily. Who wants to have to work out more for a donut?! Plus I shouldn't have it any way due to the gluten. Silly girl.) and my overall health is improving (I'm noticing little things. I have PCOS, autoimmune issues and a gluten allergy. The workouts are making a difference in all three). I'm ecstatic! Okay I hate pics of me, especially in my workout gear and my hair pulled back, but here ya go folks - the raw me. Thanks for staying on the journey with me and cheering me on. -Jenny

Okay folks here's Toby with some wise Fit Friday thoughts for this week. Enjoy.

It’s easy to stare at the big picture of shedding those unwanted pounds and inches, but don’t forget to stop and enjoy all the little things along the way. It’s these small and subtle details that help you stay on the right path; that make you feel empowered and able to continue your journey.  You have all heard the saying “stop and smell the roses” and it is a perfect example of taking time to appreciate those “little things”
Let’s talk about what some of those “little” things might be that may get overlooked if only the big picture or end result is the sole focus.
You will gain more energy.  A regular exercise routine can boost the amount of good endorphins that are released and even lead to doing more once you leave the gym like cleaning your house or working in your garden.  That certainly beats the feeling of flopping down on the couch and losing the motivation you just gained.  A good mixture of healthy nutrition and an exercise regimen will lead to less ups and downs with your sugar levels eliminating those crashes that you may already be experiencing and in turn, provide you with more true “awake” time.
You will have better self-esteem and gain more confidence.  When you make the decision to turn to a healthier lifestyle, that is the first step and shows confidence in yourself that YOU CAN DO IT!  From there, you feel better about yourself when an exercise gets easier or when 10 minutes on an elliptical doesn’t seem like an hour.  You feel more confident talking about your journey and the things you’re doing with others around you and you’re able to talk yourself into going to the gym even when you might not really feel like it.  This is your inner self talking and it’s because you’re gaining ground that it’s speaking to you on a positive level.
You will notice clothes fitting differently.  Maybe it’s another notch down on your belt or maybe it’s a pair of shorts you couldn’t fit in last summer that now slip on.  “But,” you say, “the scale hasn’t moved.”  Who cares, your clothes are fitting better and those inches trimmed off are just as important as those pounds.  Maybe you feel like wearing a shirt without sleeves or you found the perfect dress that now swooshes when you walk.  Take notice of these things as they are just as important.
You will be a better example to your children.  With all the new things you’re trying; new exercise routines, new meal planning; new ways of staying active, you are saying to your children “this is the life”.  You are setting them up to be healthy and successful and, in turn, allowing them to take control over their own health and be a trendsetter for others around them.  If you become more active with them, you’re time becomes even more priceless and being able to spend more time with them (without being tired) is what we all really want anyway.
Your overall health will improve. Many medical issues, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancers are a direct result of being overweight or even being underweight with little or no muscle tone.  Reinventing your lifestyle with healthier eating and exercise regimens will certainly cut down on your risk of future health problems and make any current health issues better.  It might be as simple as your doctor saying your blood pressure is better or your cholesterol numbers are now under control.  This may not seem like a shining moment, but it is!
Every person who makes the decision to change their lifestyle will encounter stumbling blocks.  In a weight loss journey things like genes, endocrine disorders, medicines, mental health status and stress levels can all play a role in how quickly or slowly things change so being patient and enjoying the little things along the way is very important.
Don’t let your journey seem like an endless task. Be proud of yourself and remember that success equals more success, so build on the shining moments that light your journey’s path and never look back.


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  1. Jenny--you are doing AWESOME and I've enjoyed meeting you! We've worked out together a few times...I'm the PiYo instructor too. Thanks for tackling this subject and congratulations on your success so far. You'll have to come join in on the PiYo fun soon.

    1. Thanks Jill. Everyone has been so warm in welcoming me to Blue Seas. I truly appreciate it.


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