Fit Friday - Excuses, Everybody's Got Them

Stop Using Daily Life Happenings As Excuses

Enjoy a Fit Friday guest post from the awesome Toby of Blue Seas Fitness & Wellness.
I realize that you would never miss a gym session if you….only had more time, more energy, less injuries.
I also realize that legitimate things come up….worked over, traffic tie-ups, sick kiddos.
But the reality is that many times we are simply talking ourselves out of exercising.
Many of us are dedicated to exercise or to a healthier lifestyle so when we use a daily life happening as an excuse not to follow through, we actually feel “ok” with the decision.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lazy or truly uncommitted; a basic excuse is actually a very normal response.  So, how do we kick this daily life in the butt?  We get into a habit of working out, eating healthier, staying active and our brain flips that switch to help you overcome the excuses and develop a healthy obsession.
Let’s talk about some of these excuses and then I’m going to give you some hints and/or tips to help you excuse that excuse right out of your head.
1)  “I’m just too tired”.  This is probably the number one reason you don’t attend your workout.  But, what you don’t realize is that strapping on those tennis shoes and hitting the gym will actually improve your energy level.  Good, healthy endorphins are released when you’re active giving you both more energy and improving your mood.  Don’t believe me?  I’ve seen it first hand.  I have clients that walk in exhausted, beat up from the work day or from a late night out and be a completely different person when they walk back out my door.  Physical activity gives off healthy vibes, both physically and mentally so instead of saying, “I’m too tired”, say “I feel tired, but I’m going to give it everything I can.”  Trust me, it will pay off!
2)  “I just can’t fit it in; I’m too busy.”  Well, I for one know the meaning of busy firsthand but I can also tell you there is definitely time in each day to fit it in.  For instance a week ago I gave a circuit training routine; 6 basic exercises, 30 seconds a piece, 3 rounds.  Now, if you include an approximate 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down, that entire workout took 19 total minutes.  Multiply that by 3 times a week and we’re looking at 57 minutes of activity out of your 168 hour week.  Do it 5 times in the week and you’re just an hour and a half of exercise for the week.  Hmmmm…..let’s think about this again….is there time to fit in a workout even when you’re busy?  Yes there is!  
3) “My kids schedule’s are just too hectic.”  Once, again, I get it!  But, what time do they have to arrive at games? 30 minutes early? An hour early?  What about practice time? What do you do with that hour to two hours?  I say, that’s a great time for a walk.  You’re kids have coaches, instructors, teachers all of whom are taking good care of your kiddos so use that as a break.  Take a walk; do some lunges, grab a wall for some upright push ups; even get in a good stretch.  Take some me time.
4) “The house is a mess and my laundry is a mile high.”  Yes, I hear this all the time; missed workout because general household duties must be attended too.  Well, let’s have some fun.  Let’s turn those chores into an exercise extravaganza.  Turn on the radio to your favorite tunes, throw in a load of laundry and pick a room to start with.  As you get your groove on to the music blaring in the background stop and take 30 seconds for a plank or jumping jacks, then get right back to work.  Set a timer during your routine cleaning that goes off and says “time for an exercise”.  Within a 30 minute time frame (the length of time before you have to switch that load of laundry to the dryer) you will have 2 rooms completely cleaned and at least 5 minutes of added exercise.  I’ve actually tried this….and now it’s habit during my Friday afternoons and I actually don’t mind doing any of it…..see, good endorphins released!
So, stop with all the little daily life happening excuses!  There is always time to stay active and get in a workout even if it might not be a complete hard core hour at the gym.  At the gym we call it “on the fast track.”  When any of my clients come in and say this I get them right to work and right back out the door after a quick, yet beneficial workout.  It can be done; you just have to make your body flip that switch and develop that healthy obsession!  Talk yourself into “I can and I will” instead of “I would but…..”

In Health and Wellness,


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  1. I really like the exercise/laundry/mopping idea. With our house back on the market, those chores seem doubled! That might help make it a little different.


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