Farm to Table Series! Technology in Farming

Technology is wonderful, isn't it?

It's a little mind-boggling to think about all the modern day conveniences that have become second nature. Our power was out not long ago in order to switch over electrical at our house. I didn't realize how much I use technology every day. From my computer to my smart phone and my blender that even has a technology within it that programs different drinks. Just think about all the technology within the TV as well, that allows me to stream movies, music and YouTube. I use my iPad to display dinner recipes, write blogs, talk to friends, watch videos, play games and the list goes on.

Dairy Farmers are just like us city folk and utilize technology in their day to day routines! Farmer Sam Schwoepee has implemented technology as a tool to become more efficient in every day work, communication and record keeping. As I've written in this previous post, the ladies' milk is not easy to come by. Farms are a precious commodity to all of us. After all, farmers put fuel in our "tanks".

Speaking of tanks, what would you do if you were driving your tractor along and all of a sudden something goes wrong and you're at a standstill? Meanwhile, your grain truck is waiting for you to finish harvesting the field, and you don't have time to take it to a professional. So you type in your tractor's make and model in your smart phone and trouble shoot your problem and you are back up and running. For today's farmer, their smart phones are an awesome mobile tool can also be used for preventative maintenance and ordering parts right from the fields. It's such a time saver to have a part shipped directly to you! 
Did you know farmers can stalk their cows? No sneaking up or scaring required! (You may be kicked!) If you've noticed tags on a cow's super cute ears, you will find a series of numbers. These numbers are almost like a social security number for cows. Farmers can track birth dates, genealogy, when bred and due date, and how many breedings, how many gallons of milk she produces and when it's time to dry up. Sam tells me that her cows could be sold anywhere in the world and they could be tracked back to her. Pretty cool huh?! More info here on how Sam registers 100% of her herd.

Who knew technology could be so simply MOOvelous on the farm?! Rural life may seem to move at a slower pace and be simpler to us city folk, but there is so much amazing technology that goes into that glass of tasty milk on your breakfast table! Next time you enjoy an ice cold glass of delicious milk toast all those innovative farmers out there who are finding ways to revolutionize dairy farming.
Disclaimer: I am a Farm to Table Ambassador for Indiana Dairy and this is sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 
Follow Indiana Dairy Farmer Sam and her family's fun dairy adventures via Twitter or Instagram, and check back with us over the next few months as we get to know Sam, her farm and her milking beauties even better.


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