Mama Tip Tuesday! Come Out for the Fortville Cruise-In!

Fortville Main Street comes alive on Wednesday nights with vintage beauties.

My heart flutters when I see or hear a muscle car or hot rod. There's nothing like the grumble of those cars firing up. It's one of my favorite sounds. I come by it honestly.

I didn't know what a muscle car was till my dad brought one home for my brother when he turned 16. It was a pea green 68' GTO. At first I thought it was kind of ugly. It was in very sad shape. The dash was falling apart and the seats were ripped. I thought Dad was crazy for even bringing it home.

I was proved wrong. Although it was meant for my brother, he was involved in so many sports, video games and friends, and I didn't like staying inside much. Whenever my dad was in the garage, I wanted to be there. It didn't matter what he was working on, I just simply wanted to spend time with him. He spent a great deal of time out of town while I was young. I have to say that this car brought us together.

This car chauffeured us to prom, after my brother was married, date nights, and even around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track.

Good Guy's Car Show 2008
There's something about these vintage beauties that brings people together. Our sunny Wednesday Fortville strolls are approached with stories or compliments. It's amazing how many people you will meet in an afternoon/evening.

There is an ambiance on Main Street in Fortville Wednesday nights. There's the rumble of the powerful motors, each a piece of art in itself. All lining our beautiful Main Street Fortville. Sounds of laughter, smiles, hand shakes and friendly hellos also fill the streets.

I was so excited to hear in 2012 that Fortville Action and George Wanamaker were starting and promoting a weekly car show in Fortville on Wednesday nights. Every year it has grown and not only have the cars lined Main Street, they have spilled into the side streets and parking lots. It's not only the cars that attract people but also the town itself. Indulge fits in so nicely with these car enthusiasts with its vintage vibe and delish ice cream treats! 

Lets not forget all the additional new places that have popped up over the last few years. Plenty of places to eat and drink, Java Junction, R-Smokehouse, Mozzie's Pizza, (soon to be an addition of a Tyner Pond Farm inspired restaurant too) and Sunrise Donuts

We have strolled down Main Street Fortville many times during the car show, however Jenny and I decided two weeks ago that it was the perfect evening for a picnic on the lawn in front of the Post Office. It was a special evening for the kiddos, the other highlight was drawing on a vintage truck. Nope, I'm not joking. They asked first. An awesome couple specifically did this truck with chalk paint so littles could have fun at the cruise-in too! We adore them for it! 

The Fortville Wednesday night Cruise-Ins are just getting started for the 2015 year, and they'll run all the way through early fall. If the weather is nice, you can count that they'll be out lining Main Street. Our Mama Tip Tuesday for your this week is to get out and enjoy these vintage beauties. Run into a friendly face or two. Enjoy some local shopping and dining. Maybe a little chalk art on a very special truck. There's always something fun to enjoy on Main Street Fortville on Wednesdays!

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