Artisan Thursday - HUSK Farm League

Local Fresh and Artisans in Your Own Backyard!

Photo Credit: HUSK
There is a gem in Greenfield Indiana making waves in the Local Food Movement! We had the honor of touring HUSK's amazing space in April with fellow Indy bloggers and kiddos. It was such an eye opening experience to see how the space was being utilized not only for HUSK's vegetables but for their Farm League Entrepreneurs as well.

The space may be smaller then competitors, but it's mighty. Every inch of the 5000 square foot facility is utilized to its max efficiency. Have you seen the natural brown bags of frozen sweet corn, butternut squash and green beans in your local grocery store yet? If not, you should soon!

Do you know why these veggies taste better then other brands? They are from LOCAL Indiana growers and are NON-GMO! This is music to my mama ears! Even more reasons why they taste better then others - great care and many tests on preserving the best taste and freshness to your table.

HUSK Foods Owner, Nick Carter says, "You know why our sweet corn still tastes like corn on the cob fresh picked from your garden? It is cooked on the cob!" Many big producers will take it off the cob, cook then freeze. This will make anything lose its flavor! It may be harder to do it this way, but it is the best way to keep that delicious flavor. So what do you do with a super efficient facility when you are not "in season"? Utilize it in another way!


Urban Ladle
These creamy soups were HUSK's first Farm League Artisan Vendor. Urban Ladle's entrepreneurs, Marcie Douglass and Lisa Sprunger, are local culinary artisans that have were HUSK customers before they became the first of the Farm League vendors. They needed more space for the expanding their growing business and HUSK was a perfect fit! We adore that they utilize local fresh ingredients for their scrumptious soups.

TIP from my fellow Fortville Mama Jenny! These yummy soups make a great gift! How many new mamas do you know want to cook when enjoying that baby? You'll get brownie points! A case of six (Turkey Chili, Chicken Tortilla, Tomato Basil, Butternut Squash, Chicken Noodle and Split Pea) is perfect for a new mama's freezer.

Brooke's Naturals
Speaking of Bownies, if you have not tried Brooke's Naturals Fudgy Brownie Mix, you should! Brooke Schmidt has created a brownie mix that is gluten and rice free that are awesomesauce! Plus we can pronounce all the ingredients! (These would make great new mom gifts too!) Her line of fine chocolates are close to my heart as well, oh the salted caramels chocolates were my favorite! Pure heaven!

Eisele's Raw Honey
It's a Westfield tradition, but coveted all over the Midwest. My heart fluttered a little bit when I got to bring home a jar of Eisele's Raw Honey. As a mama trying to avoid processed sugars I've become attached to raw honey. Over the years I've used it in cookies, breads, salad dressing, facial mask and sweetener for my sleepy time tea. Okay, I could go on and on. It's a must try if you have not yet!

Amber Waves
Mary Bratcher, Marketing Director of HUSK and an entrepreneur herself, has created a line of wholesome food made from simple ingredients, such as natural popcorn and granola. The thing I love most about the popcorn, you can count the number of ingredients on the fingers of one hand. Bye bye preservatives and corn syrup! Hello local pure ingredients! Mary, we can't wait to see Amber Waves grow over the next few years. We are sure you are going to do amazing things!

Grandpa's Jerky
According to my fellow Fortville Mama, Jenny, it's the best jerky she has ever tasted! The flavor, quality and texture are amazing! Plus her little ones raved about it as well. We love a good backstory too and Grandpa's Jerky has just that! It's awesome that owner, Jacob Piercy is keeping his family tradition of amazingly delicious jerky alive! We cannot wait for this one to be on store shelves soon! Until then, we'll just have to order online and savor tasty treats like Teriyaki and Blueberry Habanero! Delish.

Photo Credit: Grandpa's Jerky
Jen's County Kitchen BBQ Sauce
We fell in love with Jen's BBQ Sauce before we even met them in person at the HUSK tour event. Their sauces have been dazzling our taste buds on our pulled pork and brisket from R-SmokeHouse in Fortville for almost a year now. We are so excited for Jen's County Kitchen BBQ Sauce and their new adventure with the HUSK Farm League. More people need to know about this amazing sauce! Owners, Johnny and Jennifer White had us at sauce. We adore you both!

Hart's Handmade Naturals
Natural locally made soap with beer and coffee. Tell us more! We love that owner and soapmaker, Katie Hart, uses local and regionally obtained raw goods to create her amazing custom soaps. Things like coconut milk, mango butter, shea butter and rice bran oil, plus outside the box things like local coffee and beer! Nothing better than local fresh, even when it comes to soap. So good for your skin!

Look for all of these awesome artisan vendors in a store near you soon. HUSK Farm League is working with Marsh Supermarkets for a very special section within their stores for local fresh Indiana made items. We can't wait HUSK! In the meantime, click here to find a store near you carrying HUSK veggies.
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