Fortville Mama Feature - Indy Zoom Groom

This Wednesday we are taking a little break from Wandering to share with you the awesomeness of Haley Brown of Indy Zoom Groom. She is one of our newest sponsors at Fortville Mama, and we're 100% in love with her to your door premier pet grooming services!

A few weeks ago it rained and rained on 8 inches on snow. Yuck.

Nobody wants to go out in that or clean up after muddy paws! I have to say Haley the owner of Indy Zoom Groom is a girl after my own heart! At your door service! It's definitely not easy getting out of the house these days especially with 3 kiddos in car seats. My youngest is almost 4 months and screams the moment you place him in the seat. Have I mentioned how hard it is to leave the house?!

Want to know more reasons why I love this to-your-door service? Haley is super sweet. My dog loved her instantly. He just had that look in his eye. Usually he's a bit apprehensive around strangers but this wasn't the case with Haley. Could she have ties with Cesar Millan? We will never know.

Here is my lovely 3 legged Brittany Spaniel, Remi. The kind that loves to roll in who knows what when we visit my parents in the country. He also has a strong dislike for baths. However, he hopped right in Haley's super cool and well thought out van. He must have thought he was going on an adventure. This boy turned country dog loves to get dirty on the weekends!

Haley started with a little rinse then a good scrub down. This was his favorite part. The scrub down that she puts so much love into! Then a good rinse and blow dry. At that point I got out of the van to snap some pictures and take it all in! Remi hair was everywhere, and he was having the time of his life. She even cleaned his ears! Then clipped his nails and trimmed some of the long stray hairs. After his visit with Haley he was all fresh and clean - a new man!

Overall Indy Zoom Groom was the perfect choice for us. The to-your-door-service was a god-send for this busy mama of 3 young ones. I recommend her to all!

February-May 2015 Wandering Wednesdays brought to you by Indy Zoom Groom. Thank-you for your support of Fortville Mama and local family fun in and around Hancock County, Indiana. All thoughts and opinions are our own. Thank-you to the businesses that help support Fortville Mama. Your support is allowing us to make 2015 even cooler than 2014!

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