A Fortville Mama Welcome to Lincoln Square Pancake House - Fortville

Top 7 Reasons Lincoln Square Pancake House is Good Eats

1.  Breakfast! There are so many Lincoln Square Pancake House choices and all of them super delicious! Pancakes. Waffles. French Toast. Omelettes. Eggs Benedict. Skillets. Scrambles. Croissants. Oh and Coach Man's favorite - Biscuits & Gravy. He advises the best he's ever had next to mine! 

2.  The coffee! I'm a bit of a coffee connoisseur, and I love their brew! Never bitter. Always smooth, hot and delicious. It's 100% Arabica Gourmet Coffee, carefully roasted to perfection by a fourth generation family owned company that is celebrating it’s 100th year! Plus their creamer selection includes every kind under the moon!

3.  Kid's selections! First of all their kid's placemat has tons of tic-tac-toe boards. Everyone knows that's exactly what every kid wants - tons of room to beat their mom and dad at tic-tac-toe while they wait for their yummy food. Plus all kid's meals are under $5! Gotta love budget friendly.

4.  These babies! Need an appetizer choice. These are a must. The apple butter on the side is amazing! Plus who doesn't love something fried and dusted with powdered sugar!

5. The homemade jam! I'm so in love with this jam! They should have a board outside that announces the jam flavors like a certain custard serving joint does with their flavors of the day. Currently it's strawberry and peach.

6. The staff! I have never met a more genuine, fun and smiley staff. They are wonderful! You can see they love their jobs and actually care about the customers as well. I adore them all! Plus management is the most generous team I have ever encountered! I am 100% impressed!

7.  There are 9 locations to enjoy! No matter what side of town you are on, you can always find a Lincoln Square location to enjoy. From Fortville to Geist to Greenfield to Greenwood to Westfield to Indianapolis to Columbus!

Bonus Reason: As if you needed another, but Coach Man says it's an important one and I must include. They have DIET MT. DEW on tap! Coach Man is thrilled! I guess this is a rare occurrence when dining out.

Make sure to stop in and give the new Fortville location a try! They are open 7-4 daily and Friday and Saturday evenings until 8 p.m. as well! 

Follow on Facebook too! You'll be in the know about upcoming special events at each of their locations!

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