New Local Artisan in Fortville - reNEW Design and Construct

Have you ever wanted to breath new life into something old?

Owner of reNEW Design and Construct Jason Miller, wife Harmony and father-in-law Denna Conyers do just that!

I'm huge lover of handmade or handcrafted items. One of my favorite pieces in my home was built and designed by my dad. He gave it to us as a wedding gift; a custom TV stand for our flat screen built from a sassafras tree from our woods. Each day as I pass by it, I think of him and think of all the work and love that he put into it. I also think of the woods that I roamed growing up. It's a piece of not only my dad but my childhood.

Jason and his crew share this same passion. To give something a new life or purpose so that it can be enjoyed for years to come. When you walk into their shop the wonderful aroma of wood hits you, and you find yourself surrounded by so many treasures and pure creativity. It's inspiring! There's such beauty in their custom reclaimed wood pieces and a rich history as well! The stories of shelves made from a barn that was ready to fall, a table from an old Victorian home in Greenfield or an art piece on the wall from Main Street Fortville.

Here are all the things ReNEW Design and Construct has to offer:

If you step into Jason's workshop you'll find many treasures waiting to be transformed. One stack of wood originating from the oldest gymnasium in Hancock County and other stacks from old barns. He and Denna make beautiful rustic tables, shelves and more from the reclaimed lumber.

Before Jason's current business adventure, he did professional restoration. I was surprised when he mentioned the town I hung out in as a teenager - Greencastle, Indiana (located 2 hours from Fortville). Jason has restored quite a few historical store fronts on the square in Greencastle! Additionally, he has expertise to restore historical furnishing inside homes as well! Such pure talent!

Do you have an old table that was handed down for generations in your family? Maybe you found a piece that you love at a thrift store? You've been wanting to refinish it but don't know how or have the time to devote? Hire a professionals like Jason and Denna to bring it back to life!

How cool would it be to find something that is not being used anymore and give it a new purpose? At reNEW Design and Construct you'll find things like a really neat hanging light made from old face plates of vintage door knobs that looks fabulous plus so many more treasures. Who would have thought!

Commercial Items
reNEW Design and Construct also constructs amazing commercial furniture and will soon have a large space on the second floor of the store to show case his work. Most recently they have created mobile cubicles for a local church!

Don't forget they will do custom work too! 

Oh and get this mamas! Free baby holding while you shop for artisan treasures! You can't beat that!

Jason and Denna of reNEW Design and Construct.

Make sure to pop in and check out all the treasures for yourself. Their hours are Wednesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as well to keep up on all the new artisan pieces as they find their way from the workshop floor to the retail shop floor!


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