Mama Tip Tuesday - Think Outside The Vase

Or Outside The Box of Chocolates!

Don't get me wrong, I love roses and chocolates! Rose is even my middle name. It's not like they are not appreciated, because they are. It's just that I feel getting flowers on Valentine's Day is almost a given! Surprise me on any other day, and you'll have one happy mama!

So I'm making a wish of ideas..of what a mama really wants!

1. This one is kinda a big deal to a hard working mama. A day without responsibilities! Yes, take the kids somewhere fun and let me sleep in! (Our little guy is 3 months now, this would be heaven.) Can I just have a day when I don't have to worry why it's quiet with kids in the house?

2. A gift certificate to be pampered! What about a mani/pedi or a massage at Blue Seas? Although, a sleep deprived mama may enjoy it so much that she may be asleep during most of it. Kills two birds with one stone right?

3. Do 5 things on a daddy-do-list. The dryer has been slacking lately. A good cleaning would make a mama happy! We also have a door that needs painted from when we moved in... 3 years ago. Who can relate to this one?!

4. Surprise getaway or date night. Wouldn't it be nice to just stay in French Lick for the weekend? I must admit that I often wonder over to Groupon and look at the getaways. The beach or europe. Oh my! A girl can dream. Another option is simply plan a date night. Ten West Center for the Arts has a fabulous musical, Grease, coming soon! Or Almost Maine at Mt. Vernon High School is playing Feb 12-14! Maybe after we can eat somewhere without reminding our 2 year old to keep her finger out of her nose?

5. Mamas love anything handmade or handwritten. Even if it's hand prints in a frame? Let the kiddos decorate or paint something for mama. Let her know how much she means to you in a hand written letter.

6. Can't get creative? Find someone who is! A commissioned artwork would be great! A unique piece of furniture from Best of What's Around or Simply More Home Furnishings or reNEWdesign and Construct would be admired for years to come!

7. Find a class she's always wanted to take! Does she love to paint? Studio 309 has great canvas classes! She can stamp metal jewelry or bind books at Palette and Paper! Learn about cross stitch at The Studio

8. What about a professional wardrobe styling from The Gypsy Chicks? Gift certificates are available! After 3 kiddos I've been out of the loop in the fashion department!

9. Date night in! A dream night would be bring home pulled pork nachos from R-SmokeHouse and cheese cake from Indulge! We can catch up on our favorite TV series on Netflix!

10. Okay I've changed my mind. Chocolates. Yes, Chocolates can go with all of these things!

So is it too much NOT want flowers on Valentine's Day?! A mama just wants to know she's as unique and adored as the day you met her!


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