Mama Tip Tuesday! Pump, Don't Dump!

Don't let that liquid gold go down the drain or in the trash!

No Fear. No human milk was destroyed in his demo pic.
Breast milk is amazing stuff that is not to be wasted. Packed full of nutrients and with tons of health benefits. Let's just say I'm not a newbie to breastfeeding. I'm currently growing baby #3 with this miracle stuff, and I've breastfed a total of over 4 years now! I want to share how I've put it to good use other then just feeding my littles.

Monkey see, monkey do.
I struggled so much with my first, never had a freezer stash and would cry over spilt milk. With my 2nd and 3rd, I had more then I could handle! My second never took a bottle and to this day, at 3 years old, she still will not drink milk from a cup! Therefore I was not able to return to work and childcare was going to cause this mama to just break even! All the extra breast milk could have gone to waste, had I not found a use for it.

So over the years this is how I've put that "liquid gold" to use:

Milk Sharing:

I had an awesome experience with The Milk Bank. The screening process via blood test was simple and shipping was easy! The super cool thing is that the milk goes to fragile infants in NICUs all over the Midwest! Yes, you can save the life of a tiny little baby too! All you need to do is commit to donating 100 ounces for The Milk Bank to cover screening costs. Did you know that 1 ounce = 3 feedings for these tiny little nurslings? I have a friend that donated over 1,000 ounces! Can you imagine how many babies she fed?!

You can also explore direct donation. Some mamas don't meet the donor requirements or simply want to give to someone personally. (Warning: Milk share at your own risk! Unpasteurized milk is a bodily fluid and can transmit diseases.) With baby #3 I no longer qualified as a donor for the milk bank. So far I've given to a mom trying to keep her baby for a year on breast milk while pregnant. One mom that had surgery. Another mom that had to undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer. Some mom's are simply not able to breastfeed and babies cannot tolerate formula. If I were in these mom's shoes, I would want the healthiest option for my baby! A plus is seeing these sweet babies grow like mine have! That is worth every moment of pumping and washing supplies! To find moms in need or if in need check out Eats on Feets.

Thinking Outside the Box:

Some people think it's odd that I make soap with breast milk. First of all, during the saponification process all bacteria is killed. It's no different then goats milk soap. It's better for your skin too. Plus I feel way better knowing what I use on my body. 

The milk that is not donated to babies is made into soap. Click here are the safe storage guidelines. There have been times I have heated up a bottle from frozen and was not able to use it in the first hour. Instead of dumping it down the drain I put it in ice cube trays and freeze it for soap! The super cool thing is that this inspired me to start making my own cold process soaps. It gave me a hobby that I enjoy doing and teaching others. My oldest who has sensitive skin hasn't had a reaction since using our homemade soap. My youngest little guy has had beautiful skin thanks to it. No baby acme for this guy!

Yes, breast milk is awesome for your skin! There are many benefits. 
  • Last summer I let my two oldest play outside in the sunshine too long. They were a little red, so I threw some milk into the bath water. The next day the burns were gone! Did you know even Cleopatra bathed in milk and raved about its beautifying benefits! 
  • Don't forget boo-boos. It does an amazing job at healing scratches, scrapes, cuts or burns! Just simply apply frequently and watch how quickly it heals!
  • I've head of many mom's rave about how well it works on eczema as well.
  • Want a way to remember a savor the younger years? Your milk can even be preserved for ever in a special piece of jewelry! Yep, you heard me right, even jewelry. 
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