Lovin' Is in the Air at McDonald's

Did you happen to catch the fun McDonald's "Pay with Lovin'" Super Bowl commercial? What an inspiring idea! We love that they are bringing a little more lovin' into their customers' lives now through Saturday February 14th by randomly selecting customers at participating locations between the hours of 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. and allowing them the option to pay for their meals with an act of Lovin' instead of moolah. For example, breakfast might be a fist bump, lunch could be a phone call home to say I love you and dinner a compliment to someone in line with you.

The very cool Angela Risley of Fortville's R-SmokeHouse was recently a Pay with Lovin' randomly selected participant. Yes, peeps, she is sometimes away from #lovetherub and has to eat something other than smoked meat. During her McDonald's visit she sang "a-da-da-duh DA, I'm loving it!" and gave the youngster behind her $2. He had been counting his change to see if he had enough for a drink, and it definitely put a smile on his face to get the extra for his drink!

In celebration of Pay with Lovin' McDonald's of Central Indiana has teamed up with Fortville Mama for a special giveaway contest - Share the Lovin'. All you have to do is share with us how you show Lovin' to those around you each and every day! 

One lucky winner will receive an awesome McDonald's prize pack (1 week's worth free McCafe Coffee, 1 month's worth Happy Meal Be Our Guest Cards, $10 Arch Card and some great McDonald's branded loot to boot). You must be 18 and a resident of Central Indiana to win! The Fortville Mama McDonald's giveaway contest runs until Saturday February 14th.

Good luck peeps! There are multiple ways to enter. 

1. Comment below and share with us how you show Lovin' to those around you each and every day! ( = 1 entry)

2. Tweet: @FortvilleMama and @MyIndyMcDonalds What a cool way to pay! #PayWithLovin ( = extra entry and you can do this daily until the contest is over)

3. Follow @MyIndyMcDonalds (please leave us a comment letting us know you did. Either here or on FB.) ( =extra entry) 

Want to keep up on all the Pay with Lovin' all over Central Indiana? Follow on Twitter @MyIndyMcDonalds


  1. I tell them that I love them all the time and give lots of hugs and snuggles. I also try to buy little things once in a while if I see something that reminds me of them.

  2. Tweeted: https://twitter.com/alinarenee/status/565523712854986752

  3. I follow @MyIndyMcDonalds under @alinarenee

  4. i show them my lovin with kisses and hugs :) KairaWolfie@aol.com

  5. I show my hubby love by cooking breakfast for him every morning.


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