Fortville's Palette and Paper - A Creative Space Indeed!

Fortville Is Well On It's Way To 100% Fabulous

There are so many neat little shops popping up here and there. If you have ever checked out a book at the local library in Fortville, which is also fabulous, you might have been curious what is inside this adorable little place across the street... You know the one. Right at the corner of SR13 and Broadway. It has a gorgeous tree in front that is beautiful in fall. 

Well. Palette and Paper of course! 

Fortville Mama cutie showcasing Palette and Paper!
So what is Palette and Paper about? It's a fab art studio and retail shop! Classes offered include book arts and journal making, altered jewelry, canvas painting and more! It's really just all about simply enjoying the act of making art. You see, the owners Mare and Bill Mullineaux are fantastic. When you meet Mare you will want to bottle her up and keep her forever. There's a bubbly sweetness about her and a passion in her disposition for all she does. It draws you in to want to experience it all right along side her!

It's no surprise the studio is walking distance from the library. Mare has a passion for books, so much so she will be completing her masters in Library Science. She studied elementary education as an undergrad as well. She brings so much experience and knowledge to the craft of book binding.

Mare believes that many can enjoy art, but do not have the space or want to make the investment in equipment. So through Palette and Paper, many can enjoy getting there creative on through classes or open studio. 

This really hit home for me. In high school I loved to throw pottery. One Christmas my parents even invested in a nice used potters wheel for me. A gift I treasured! I also spent many hours at college in the pottery studio. You might have thought I lived there. Fast forward 10 years plus 2 children, I wasn't using it. I also did not have a kiln, so I sold it to someone who could put it to use. For me at that point in my life it just became easier and less expensive to go a studio.

My question for you is, how much of what you enjoy is stored away? 

So many know the importance of art and so many need it in their lives as an outlet, but let's face it life is stressful sometimes. We all get caught up in being busy. Who couldn't use a little me time? I know I might be a more refreshed mama after an hour or two to enjoy art! 

Both Jen and I are so excited to have the addition of Palette and Paper to Fortville! A great art class location, studio space and retail therapy!

And just look at all this retail therapy! Mare has stocked the studio with unique products that cannot be found in big box stores! 

Make sure to pop in for a visit and explore! You'll be glad you did. There are treasures inside! Follow them on Facebook to keep up on all the fun things going on at their shop!


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