What Grace In Action Looks Like - Priscia Rose

Our hearts have ached for the Rose family over the last month and a half, as we know so many of you have had the very same feelings. Often lifting them up in prayer and inquiring with those close to the family how Prisica was doing, and if they was anything that could be done to help. There's been something else we've noticed this past month and it has brought such wonder to our eyes. We are truly in awe at how God has been moving in the hearts of our community. Truly in awe. Surrounding the Rose family with love, support, prayers and more. Just plain goodness in abundance. Humanity at its best. It's made us proud to live where we do. Extremely proud. Fortville and Hancock County are full of some of the best neighbors and just people that we have ever met in our life.

We do not know the Rose family directly, so we asked Jen's wonderful neighbor, Molly Smith, who does know the family to guest post for us at Fortville Mama and put into words the amazing touch of God's Grace that Prisica and the entire Rose family has had on Fortville and Hancock County.

Fortville Mama Guest Post from Molly Smith...

I have lived in Hancock County, specifically Fortville for the last 22 years. One thing many notice about Hancock County and the surrounding area are all the churches, for there are quite a few. Another thing that I can personally attest to about Hancock County is that when someone in the community is hurting and in need, the community and the churches come together. Be it a child going through a devastating illness, someone who has lost everything to a fire or a police officer shot, time and again the community and the churches come together. This has never been more evident than the past month and half  as “we the community” / “we the church” came together and stepped up and did what was needed and still needs to be done for a very precious family going through the storm of their lives. That family is the Roses of Fortville. 
Dick and Priscilla Rose’s daughter, Priscia, was in a devastating car accident just before Christmas. Ultimately, due to her extensive injuries they had to make that heart wrenching decision to let their beautiful daughter go into God’s hands. She passed into eternity on January 25, 2015. However, her story, her faith, her parent’s faith all have had an INCREDIBLE IMPACT on the community. 

I personally believe the hugest impact was how the church community reacted. It did not matter what church, if any, that you belonged too. It did not matter what denomination, if any, you belonged too. It did not matter what religious philosophy, if any, you prescribed too. The churches came together along with those who do not necessarily go to church and became “the church community”. This combined church community of all were on their knees in fervent prayer and meeting the everyday needs for the family; food, dinners, laundry, etc. This combined church community of all was meeting the financial needs through a fund raising site. This combined church community of all was reaching out to the family by visiting, holding their hands, shedding tears, sharing stories. Most of all being the church in its truest, simplest form. I think this must definitely make Priscia smile up there in heaven. She loved her Lord, she loved people, she loved life, and she loved the church. 

Let us honor a true Fortvillian, who's beautiful spirit has left such a lasting mark on her community, by being “the church community” at all times. By being good to one another, being neighborly and continuing on as a community filled with love. 

“All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.” -Acts 2: 44-45

- Molly

There is still need... Both for prayers and for funds. If you feel called and are able to give, please click here to go to the page for donations to help assist the Rose family with the medical expenses and burial costs. 

Surrounded by love is a good place to be. 

- Jen and Ashley, the Fortville Mamas


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