Moody Meats - A PASSION for Local Food

Giving Consumers a Connection to the Source, A Novel Concept in Today's World

Gathering eggs from my coop daily, sourcing from the local farms in and around Fortville and often having a freezer full of deer meat that my husband has lovingly and skillfully obtained for our family makes my heart happy. I know the source, and I know what's going into our bellies is good for us. You just can't beat that!

I think that is exactly why I'm so delighted to have a new Moody Meats location just down the road from us in Geist, located at the corner of Brook School Road and Fall Creek!  If you aren't familiar with Moody's story, click here for a great read with videos too! Fifth generation farmers (now training the sixth generation), who are passionate about what they do and bringing local food to your table.

Nick Carter, part owner in Moody's Butcher Shops, is truly a man on a mission. What kind of mission you ask? A "think outside the box" local fresh mission!  

Nick, a small town farm boy himself, grew up in Russiaville, Indiana farming things like swine, beef cattle, ducks, corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. At age 27 he found himself doing well in the tech start-up world but longing to get back to his roots of farming. Ever the entrepreneur, in 2011 he launched Meat the Rabbit and made history as Indiana's first ever state-inspected rabbit meat processor. He has since sold the business to a Pendleton, Indiana farmer that is carrying on the torch of local fresh, leaving Nick room for other projects like Moody's and Husk (which is based right here in our lovely Hancock County)! However, Husk is a story for another day. 

Nick's Meat the Rabbit journey is what led him to Moody's and a new adventure alongside Adam Moody and family. You see Nick, saw a problem here in our state - What is farmed here (mostly corn and soybeans), isn't eaten here. 92% of what we eat is imported back into our state from elsewhere. Why can't Hoosiers enjoy local freshness right from their "own backyard"? Why shouldn't they have access to local fresh year around as well? Wouldn't it be awesome if the consumer could track their food right to the source - truly know the farmer that grew/raised their food? These and all sorts of other questions are what run through Nick's mind all the time. However, he doesn't just question, he puts action in motion as well. Seven times over now, with the various companies he's been a part of over the course of his career.

Due to Adam and Nick's passions, Moody's is doing something totally outside the box and giving consumers access to local food year round and a connection back to the farmers within our own backyard. It's a simple concept but really revolutionary at the same time! You can walk into a Moody's Butcher Shop and know exactly where your meat spent its life! You can get side dish items that are sourced from right here in Indiana as well. Milk from Traders Point Creamery, Indiana sweet corn frozen at peak freshness from HUSK, tasty chips from Broad Ripple Chip Co., soup from Urban Ladle and many other delicious local items.

Stepping inside the Geist location had the essence of an old time butcher shop. The employees, Kristi and Brian, were friendly and welcoming. Jen and I loved chatting with both of them. They have a great affection for their customers and love the fun of trading ideas and recipes. Brian's favorite idea swaps are for smoking meats, and Kristi loves to share with customers about all the locally sourced product's back stories. 

There are 5 Moody's locations in and around Central Indiana. The new Geist location is just 5-10 minutes for us Fortvillians! Meats sold are Hoosier raised livestock and processed in Lagoda, Indiana. 

We are super excited to have Moody's on board as a Fortville Mama sponsor. We love that they are passionate about local fresh! Something near and dear to our own hearts! Over the course of the next couple of month's our Hancock County Treasures Features blog posts will be brought to you by Moody's! We'll also be featuring a special Moody's - Geist coupon for our readers as well! Make sure to stop in and explore the new location and tell them the Fortville Mama's sent ya! You can follow via social too and keep up on all that is Moody's.

January-March 2015 Hancock County Treasures brought to you by Moody's Butcher Shop - Geist Location. All thoughts and opinions (including the love of local delicious food) are our own. Thank-you to the businesses that help support Fortville Mama and local family fun in and around Hancock County, Indiana. Your support is allowing us to make 2015 even cooler than 2014!


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