Mama Tip Tuesday! Vintage Jewelry Showcase

Memories Displayed Beautifully

This past month, I met up with my three sisters to craft and make something extra special to display our mother's jewelry within for each of our houses. We lost her two years ago now and having little touches around of her is oh so comforting and makes me smile. 

My extra crafty sister Angel, had been perusing Pinterest and sharing boards with us for months in search of inspiring crafty ideas. 

The ideas we settled on were making a lampshade showpiece and a transformed clock piece

The one I picked was the clock piece. First I found the awesome clock on the right above at Hobby Lobby 50% off. Then I picked up the teal silk fabric and antique lace. Next I went through saved jewelry pieces from my mother and a few old pieces of my own and played with my desired layout of the pieces. Once I was absolutely sure how I wanted the jewelry pieces placed, I started to dismantle my clock. The back snapped off easily, from there I had to pry the clock guts out a bit. However, I had to be careful not to damage the stiff board inside because I needed that to build my masterpiece. 

Once all the clock guts were removed, I cut a piece of white padding slightly smaller than the board so that the glass would still fit on top of everything and hot glue gunned it in place. Then I covered with the pretty teal silk using glue dots to secure it to the back on the board. Next I pinned the lace at the top until I was happy with how it was laying in place. Once happy with placement, I trimmed the excess and glue dotted it in place as well. 

Next was the best part, placing the jewelry. I started with my big piece - the pink snowflake burst.Then I gently poked through and pined my additional pieces around it. Some I had to place a single glue dot behind so they would stay secure in place.

Once all were in place, I gently placed the fabric covered board back in the clock and secured it with the metal tabs. Since it was now thicker than originally, this part was a little bit of work and took two of us to do it without breaking anything or shifting jewelry pieces. To finish it off, I bunched a bit of the teal silk in the back and then popped the see-through cover on the back of the clock again. Complete. Unique. Gorgeous. Love it and love my sisters dearly!

This picture make me think how very Susan Branch of us. 

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