Mama Tip Tuesday! Get Your Crafty On - Repurposed Frames For A Great Cause!

Staying Creative For A Cause!

One evening after teaching a painting class at Ten West Center for the Arts in Fortville, owner Paul Okerson mentioned to me that these great frames were donated to the center and needed an artistic vision. So I took them home with the intention of cleaning them up and coming up with ideas of making them useful. A few hours on Pinterest and a few distractions later I had some crafty ideas in mind. 

Things didn't come together for me as soon as I wanted to in regards to the repurposing the frames. Since "adopting" them, I've been a bit busy chasing after my kiddos, not to mention the exhaustion of pregnancy. Although it was my pregnancy that finally gave me the burst of energy I needed to make some great examples of the new life hiding within their worn exterior. Once they serve their purpose as examples in our upcoming crafty class for a great cause, they will end up in our baby boy's room. Two birds, one stone right?

Speaking of this fun upcoming class! Ten West and The Okersons, who own Ten West, are near and dear to not only our Fortville Mama hearts, but so many hearts in our community. We've enjoy plays, art and dance classes, patriotic tributes, stand-up comedy nights, and many more activities at Ten West! They are an great non-for-profit in our town that does some amazing things. 

I've spent many evenings teaching paint classes while hearing the hum of an instrument from the floor below me or someone practicing their lines in the room next to me. It's great to know people have somewhere to go to express their creative side. Ten West does exactly what their tagline says - helping youth stay creative!

So what are these frame's purpose? First, for you to enjoy and express your creative side. Second, this class will be offered at a minimal fee that will be donated directly to Ten West. Funds raised will go to support their great programs here in our community, and you get to bring home something beautiful to boot. How cool is that?!

I am honored to keep the love going. Someone donated these great frames in hopes of them being put to good use by Ten West, so I will be donating my time and some materials of my own to helping you all stay creative! Will you join me at a up coming class to put your creative touch on them? I will be there to guide you along with creative tips and ideas to transform these old beautiful frames into new creations!

We will supply the frames, paint, tools, and materials. You can come enjoy an afternoon with friends, loved ones or simply have a little "me time"!

Comment below and reserve your spot today! Class will be Feburary 28, 2015 at 5:00pm Cost is $15 per person. $5 for each additional frame. $10 if bring your own frame. Frame sizes vary. First come first serve! All proceeds go to Ten West Center for the Arts.

To sign up for the class email Ashley at artsythomas@


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