Inspired Fashionistas and Personal Styling in Fortville Indiana

A Stacy London Experience in the Heart of Fortville, but Way Cooler Peeps

Fortville's The Gypsy Chicks, Gina and Taya, are two very cool fashionistas on a mission. A mission to enhance your personal style, no matter what size or body type you are. The two savvy chicks, along with Betty Lou and Gypsy Sue, love seeing all women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin, and this mama adores that!

As a curvy mama, I've never really been a fan of traditional boutiques. Nothing ever in my size. However, stepping into The Gypsy Chicks and shopping for a bit made me want to break out into joyful Meghan Trainor lyrics. You know what I'm talking about girls. As Ms. Trainor advises, "'Cause every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!"

Shopping with Gina and Taya is like an afternoon of catching up with your best girlfriends. There's always beverages available and often tasty treats as well. Two cozy hot pink chairs and lots of room to "walk the runway" and see exactly how an outfit feels. Plus they have cool perks like a frequent shopper card, a birthday club, private after hours shopping parties and frequently run sale specials!

My co-mama, Ashley, and I are so excited! The Gypsy Chicks are going to style us this spring, and we're going to document it all for you, our awesome readers! They are going to give us tips on what styles might look best for each of us based on our body types! I can't wait! I'm so ready for the introduction of some new pieces into my wardrobe. And after recently having a baby, Ashley is ready for some great pieces as well. 

For you men folk out there, The Gypsy Chicks are planning a very special Valentine's Day shopping experience just for you. If I were you, I'd keep watch on their Facebook page for more details on this upcoming event. Any mama who gets something special in a Gypsy Chick bag with the pretty pink tissue coming out the top is bound to kiss your face off! 

Our hats off to Fortville's The Gypsy Chicks! You ladies make us feel beautiful!

You can find their shop just off of Main Street Fortville behind Kammerer Family Dentistry of Fortville. Just follow the cute pink signs. 


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