Bringing Birth Home to Fortville

Voting and Home Birth, Who Knew You Could Accomplish Both In the Same Day!

8 a.m. Election Day 2014 and my 2 year old had slept in as long as she could. She yells from her crib, "mommy daddy, come get me!" I lay in my cozy bed feeling like at turtle on its back, 38 weeks pregnant. My husband brings her into our bed and soon her older sister is snuggled up with us. Both girls have snuffles from a cold weekend before of camping with grandma, and well to much Halloween candy from the Friday before. 

I call our go-to guy when we are sick, the chiropractor to see if we can get in. 10 a.m. we are at the chiropractor, ProWellness, just 15 minutes from our house. The girls and I get adjusted, and Dr. Harkins presses on pressure points in my feet that bring on labor. After our adjustments, we talk with Jess and Dr. Harkins and get to hold his precious new baby, who was visiting since it was his day off. While I'm talking to them I feel contractions, but they didn't seem consistent. I leave there around 11.

Driving home I'm still having contractions here and there. I'm really contemplating if I wanted to stop and vote on my way home. I told myself if I didn't have to wait in line I would be fine. I drive past the window looking in to see if there is a crowd. It's pretty light, so I go in and vote. By this time it's about 11:30 a.m.

Noon, I get home and contractions seem stronger. I actually get to sit down and record them. They are lasting a minute and a minute or two apart. I contact the midwife and call my husband to come home. My husband is working on-site an hour away. (I'm cursing him in my mind. Not sure why he had to go to one of his furthest locations that day.) At this point I'm getting nervous, as the contractions are getting stronger, my girls seem to be getting rowdier. My oldest is behind the recliner giggling, as my youngest is standing on the back leaning over to look at her sister almost flipping it over. 

At this point I'm texting whoever I know who is close to see if I can find someone to help with the girls till my mother-in-law arrives. I call my husband again to try to figure out how he set up the hose to fill up the birthing tub. With deep breaths and between contractions I wonder into the laundry room to flip on the hose. I go to look in the tub and realize I had not turned on the hose in the tub. I get it on, and I'm a bit more relieved. 

12:45 p.m. my husband walks through the door. My biggest fear was gone, having a baby by myself with two kids running around. After a contraction, I go straight to our bedroom, get undressed, put on a sports bra, and wrap myself in a towel. Then after another contraction I get into the tub. My husband laughs and says the blinds are open, at that point I didn't care. My neighbor across the street is too far anyway.

12:50 p.m my mother-in-law arrives and I am glad to have someone here to help with the girls. 

12:55 p.m. the midwife arrives with her assistant. Whew, glad someone is there who knows what they are doing! They work fast to get their things laid out. I ask the midwife to check me, she says 8 cm. I thought oh no, I have a ways to go and I am in so much pain. My husband turns the water back on and aims the warm water on my belly. Oh sweet relief! Then I realize the midwife is still standing next to the birthing tub shifting back and forth. With each contraction I feel more pressure. I finally push with a contraction and feel a POP. My water breaks, it's 1:20 p.m., I am so relieved and feel better between the contractions. Next one I push again, the midwife grabs my hand and says feel the head, he's crowning. I am in disbelief. Its happening so fast and my mind is trying to process what is happening. As he crowns, I keep pushing and his head is born. My next push, he shortly arrives on my chest. It's 1:21 p.m., just one minute after my water broke. He takes a little breath when he hits my chest, the midwife rubs his back to get him going.
My beautiful boy looks up at me. He's the spitting image of his father. I am still in shock. Did I really just have a baby?! It took me a few minutes to get grounded. I sit snuggling my sweet boy. We nurse for a bit and dad cuts the cord. 

Through the entire time my girls remained calm until my husband cut the cord, as they thought we were hurting their brand new baby brother. They were super protective already. They adored him from moment one. 

Our family was complete.

Our journey of welcoming our little man into our lives was amazing. The care I received before during and after from Home4birth was unmatched to previous OB care and hospital birth. They really spent quality time making sure everything was right. 

Being able to have him in Fortville really means so much. Not many can say they were born in such a special town. 


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